Course Syllabus

American History I

Mr. Spinner


11th Grade requirement for graduation 

Course Objective: To analyze key events, documents, pictures, audio/visual clips and quotes in United States History, and determine how they affect your life and the world around you today. 

Course Description: Through the use of various methods we will be looking at American History from early exploration and discovery to the end of the Reconstruction Period (after the Civil War).

Google Classroom Code: 6vuufq

Text: The Americans

ONLINE ACCESS:; username: 1american; password: u6v3x


Grading Policy

Tests: 40% of your six weeks grade. Usually three per six weeks.

Quizzes: 20% of your six weeks grade.

Projects: 20% of your six weeks grade.

Class Participation/Classwork/Homework: 20% of your six weeks grade.

- Includes, homework, current events, worksheets and in-class work.

Final Semester Grade: There are three six weeks term grades and one final exam. Each final exam counts as 25% of your final grade for the semester.


Missed Work

You need to make up work immediately. Late work will be accepted as full credit on the first day of return with an excused absence form. Grace periods should be discussed the teacher. Every day after that’s late will lose 10% points. 

Materials Needed Daily

-Single Subject Notebook - Folder -Pen or Pencil -Charged Laptop



You must follow all discipline guidelines listed in the student handbook and follow my in class rules which will be outlined day one.  Cell Phones are not allowed unless the teacher has approved. Questions about any policy can be emailed or discussed in person. 

To be successful in this class, you will be expected to do the following:

  1. Be respectful of teachers, classmates and the learning process.
  2. Be in class, on time, and ready to learn when the bell rings with the necessary materials for class.
  3. Participate in activities and use study materials as required (in class and online.)
  4. Turn in your assignments on time.
  5. Do the best that you can do.
  6. Have fun and take advantage of the opportunities to learn and interact with your classmates.



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