Course Syllabus

World History Course Guideline and Syllabus

Welcome to World History!  This course gives students the opportunity to explore recurring themes of history around the globe from ancient times to contemporary times.  This course provides the foundations for future core classes such as Civics and United States History.

Grading Policy

Unit Tests: Unit test are given on Fridays online once we have completed the unit. Unit Test are weighted 30% of your six weeks grade.

Quizzes: Vocabulary quizzes are given on Wednesdays. Quizzes are weighted 20% of your six weeks grade.

Presentations/Projects: Presentations and Projects will sometimes be individual and other times with partners or groups of three. Presentations and projects are weighted 20% of your six weeks grade.

Participation: Participation includes your three weekly assignments (Vocab, Post/Reply, ABC review) as well as your attendance and time logged in remotely. Participation is weighted 30% of your six weeks grade.

**Final Semester Grade: There are three six weeks and one final teacher made exam. Each one counts as 25% of your final grade for the semester.

Technology Requirements

  • Charged Laptop with High Speed Internet

Instructional Websites

Text Book Online

Username: whistory40

Password: k4n8n

Educational Site Sign in with your school Google account

Canvas Page

Canvas page will be your daily log-in requirement. It will house all the information needed for messages and daily assignments.

Google Drive and Google Classroom

All notes are to be taken in Google Drive

Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests, will be completed in Google Classroom.

Each class will have their own Google Classroom Code

Contact and Email Protocol

  • My email is 
  • You may email me at any time with questions or help with classwork.
  • During our in class time time we will spend a lot of it reviewing and answering questions.
  • Fridays: I will be available via email.

Organization of Classroom

  1. Monday: Classroom lecture (recording), or online lesson, receive weekly vocab, online class activity.
  2. Tuesday: Classroom lecture (recording), review previous material, classroom lecture or online lesson, Vocab due by 3pm.
  3. Wednesday: Vocab Quiz Online. Classroom lecture (recording), review previous material, classroom lecture or online lesson, Post and reply to discussion question online by 3pm.
  4. Thursday: Classroom lecture (recording), review previous material, classroom lecture or online lesson, ABC Review Chart Due by 3pm.
  5. Friday: Fridays are for reviewing material or test days or Presentation/Project Days.
    1. Presentations may be live or prerecorded.


Classroom Expectations

  1. Follow all classroom rules explained on the first day.
  2. Be on time.
  3. Be prepared for class.
  4. Be considerate and respectful of others.
  5. Show respect for your school and its property.
  6. Turn in assignments on time.
  7. Actively participate in class.
  8. Wait to be dismissed. (Online or in person)
  9. Work quietly. (Muted online unless answering a question)
  10. No cell phones unless approved by teacher.

Course Outline

  • First Six Weeks
    • Unit 1 Early Civilizations 8000BC- 600BC
    • Unit 2 Classical Civilizations             600BC - 600AD
  • Second Six Weeks
    • Unit 3 Post-Classical Civilizations 600 - 1450
    • Unit 4 European Revival 1450 - 1750
  • Third Six Weeks
    • Unit 5 Industrial Age 1750 – 1914
    • Unit 6 Modern Age 1914 – Current


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