Course Syllabus

Spanish III Course Syllabus

Profesora J. Martínez                                          


¡Bienvenidos a la clase de ESPAÑOL III ! Spanish III follows the communicational objectives started in the class of Spanish I, and II. The Spanish III course is intended for those who have chosen to develop their proficiency in all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Therefore, this class encompasses oral skills, reading comprehension, grammar, and composition. During this course students will have the opportunity to learn about Spanish-speaking countries, people and cultural topics like art and food.


Don’t hesitate to communicate with me if you have concerns, doubts of questions about the course. Please feel free to write me emails.

Materiales (Materials students should supply)

  • Chrome book (charged)
  • Realidades (online)
  • A three-ring binder (w/ dividers)
  • Highlighters


Sobre las notas y evaluación (About grades and evaluation)

  1. Completed assignments in class / completed homework on time – 20 %
  2. Quizzes (announced and unannounced) – 30%
  3. Tests at the end of each unit /Projects – 50%


Procedimientos de clase (Class Procedures) Presencial y virtual

  1. Tarea Homework/ class work: homework will be assigned every day. It will reinforce skills learned in class. Late work will be worth half credit.
  2. Crédito extra(extra credit): the extra credit is earned through participation in class only (“free questions” to be used in tests and quizzes). Speaking in Spanish, answering/asking questions/ singing, etc. No extra credit opportunities at the end of a grading period! GRADES ARE FINAL.
  3. Honestidad Académica. (Academic Honesty) Copying passages verbatim, copying, and inventing sources and quotations are some of the most common forms of academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Computer translators for a whole sentence or paragraph will not be accepted. Do not use translators for more than a word or a phrase.
  4. Celulares. Cell phones will not be accepted in the classroom. Students will be asked to keep their phones in their book bags during class. If they cannot follow this rule, I will confiscate phones to be picked up by parents at the end of the day. No exceptions!
  5. Participación en clase.  Live Video Lessons (Microsoft Teams)
  • All students are expected to watch the live lessons during their “off-days”.
  • Students should be logged in to the video stream by the time class starts (unless otherwise stated).
  • Students are expected to be engaged in the lesson.
    • They can ask/answer questions.
    • I will keep them engaged by asking them questions too (not just the “in-person” students).
    • They will be given the opportunity to interact with each other while virtual.
  • Students must stayed logged in until they are dismissed.
    • Some days they will be dismissed early to complete online work, other days they will be required to stay for the entirely of the class period.
  1. Absent work. If you are absent from class (in-person or virtually), you will need to watch the video from that day’s lesson. You will also need to complete the assignments from that day’s lesson and turn in any homework that was due.
  2.  Virtual Etiquette. While virtual, students are expected to follow general “virtual etiquette guidelines”…
  • Cameras on, microphones muted – unless they are asked to speak
  • Find a quiet place to work away from distractions
  • No distracting backgrounds – they may choose a “fun background” but it must remain the same throughout the lesson
  • Be prepared with your notes/homework/notebook/etc.
  • If you have a question, type your name & question into the “chat box”, do not yell it out in the middle of a lesson or raise your hand.
  • Make sure to dress appropriately for school.
  1.  Printing. You will be responsible for printing off your papers. If you do not have access to a printer, please let me know and we can make arrangements.
  2. Quizzes/ tests/ projects. We will use various methods for tests and quizzes this year.
  • Short quiz/test during your specific “in-person” day
  • Quizzes on Canvas
  • At-home tests/quizzes (hand written/recorded oral)


Reglas generales:


  1. Arrive on time. I DO care! You will be marked tardy if you are not in the room or in front of the computer when the class starts.
  2. It is absolutely prohibited to eat or to chew gum in class. It is a language production class
  3. Do not use websites that are not pertinent to the class Please keep focused on the daily activities. Keep your phone in your backpack. Phones will be confiscated and taken to the main office to be picked up by parent.



After three tardies you will receive a referral to administration

Extra homework may result if any of rules are broken more than once

Any severe disruption may result in referral to administ




First 2 weeks:

Review on verbs in Present tense: irregular verbs, stem-changing verbs, reflexive verbs and Gustar et al., use of Possessive adjectives

At the end of each week 1 and week 2, there will be a quiz to evaluate the review contents.


Chapter 1


Past tense: Preterit

Themes: Outdoor activites/ Sports

Oral Project: Mis vacaciones favoritas (test grade)


Chapter 2


Past tense: Preterit v/s Imperfect

Themes: Art

Oral Project: Un pintor hispano (test grade)


Chapter 3


Imperative Mode: Commands

Themes: Nutrition/ Health

Oral Projects: Instrucciones de cocina en vivo/ Video de ejercicios (test grade)




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