Course Syllabus

Math 2 Syllabus 


Mrs. Medlin (Frys) 

Education: Attended Parkwood High School

                                     Graduated from UNCC 

                                     This is my 6th year teaching math, my 4th year at Parkwood

Contact Information: 

Office Hours: Friday by appointment 

                                          *I have 4th block planning- 2:00-3:00 if needed!

Course Overview and Requirements 

  • Prerequisites: Math 1
  • Course Description: Math II continues a progression of the standards established in Math I. In addition to these standards, Math II includes: polynomials, congruence and similarity of figures, trigonometry with triangles, modeling with geometry, probability, making inferences and justifying conclusions. 
  • Units: 1. Transformations

             2. Triangle Topics

             3. Quadratics (solving and graphing)

             4. Radicals

             5. Right triangle trig

             6. Probability 

Requirements and Evaluation: You will be required to watch lessons and complete assignments on a daily basis. Information concerning your daily tasks will be sent in announcements and links to each days’ material will be available through the canvas homepage. Announcements are vital to your understanding of the expectations, communication and due dates for this course. Please read the daily announcements every time you log in to your course. Projects, tests, and quizzes, in addition to graded classwork/homework will be given with set deadlines. 

Due dates and expectations: All work is expected to be completed on a daily basis. All work must be shown and answers only will not receive credit. However, there will be a degree of flexibility to the account for “life.” Therefore, no work will be counted late as long as it is completed by 11:59 AM every Saturday. 

Materials: You will need a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator for this course or access to desmos online graphing calculator. There is a FREE TI-84 app on your chrome book, look for TI-84 PLUS CE app in your webstore! Please do your best to bring paper and pencils to class with your, and organize all notes/classwork/assignments in a three ring binder. 

Grading: Grades will be calculated by percentages. Due to online learning, our tests will be worth 45%, quizzes/weekly assessments worth 35%, and course participation/homework assignments worth 20%. This is different from the usual percentages where tests are weighted higher. No grades will be given or curved, do your best on each assignment. Final course grades will follow the format below:

A = 90-100 B= 80-89 C= 70-79 D= 60-69 F=0-59

Synchronous Learning: UC Virtual courses are largely asynchronous meaning that instruction does not require the simultaneous participation of students and teachers during the instructional process.   Students are able to communicate with their teacher by email, Canvas Inbox, phone, and instructor office hours. 

A note to the students: Success in this course depends on you!  If you come to class ready to learn, do your required work and have a positive attitude, you will do well.  If at any time you need help, need something re-explained or are having a problem, do not hesitate to ask or e-mail, that is why I am here.  We can all learn from your questions!


Course Summary:

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