Course Syllabus

Parkwood­­ High School


Miss Damico


         Ceramics will concentrate on providing a foundation of hand building techniques, understanding of clay, sculpture and history of ceramics.  During class there will be a lot of emphasis on technique and process of creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing ceramic piece.  This class is designed for the art student in mind and is a serious course of study. Each project will take approximately one week and have a deadline for firings. 

         Ceramics II will concentrate on expanding on what was learned in Ceramics I and be more focus towards sculpture and functional ware (i.e. dinnerware, vases, functional pots, etc.).  We will reference North Carolina artists throughout our study. 

         Ceramics is to be taken seriously as would any other class offered at Parkwood.  Everyone is expected to follow all classroom rules, care for materials, and to do their best!


Supply List

Various supplies may be needed for this course while schools are on Plan B.   Let me know if you ever need help with supplies.  I can provide supplies to be picked up at school.

  • Sketchbook
  • Pencils to sketch with
  • 1 of the following: Play-Doh (for at home practice) ,Materials to make salt dough at home (All-purpose Flour, Slat, Cold Water), or air dry modeling clay.
  • Acrylic paint and paint brushes for at home assignments.  ( I will let you know when this is needed)

*If you have an allergy to clay dust or the clay itself you may need surgical gloves to work with clay and a mask.


Classroom Expectations and Policies

  1.     Be on time. You must be in the room when the tardy bell rings.  Tardies will be dealt with according to school policy.
  2.     Be Prepared. You must bring appropriate materials needed for the day.  Always have your sketchbook and pencils/pens with you. It is your responsibility to check your emails/Canvas announcements and weekly modules to know what is needed for class.  Modules will be published no later than Monday 8am.
  3.     Be Respectful. You should enter and leave the room in an orderly fashion.  You should keep the art room clean and respect others’ property by not touching anything that does not belong to you unless otherwise stated.  Most importantly, show respect for yourself, others, and your teacher by not talking when others are speaking or when the intercom is in use.  Always raise your hand.

You will follow all UCPS and Parkwood High School procedures and policies. 



Grading Policy

Grading will be done as a ratio of points earned out of points possible. Your work should be of the highest quality.  Each project will have clear expectations with a rubric so you can see how your work will be graded.


You are responsible for any missed work.  Find out what notes and assignments you have missed and make up the work (Check Canvas).  All makeup work needs to be turned in within one week.

Food and Drink

NO food is allowed in this classroom.  You may have water.  Ceramics is a dirty medium therefore no eating in class and it is recommended you have a sealed lid on your water bottles.

Leaving Class

You should take care of all personal errands (restroom, lockers, guidance, etc.) between classes and during lunch.  You will be given the opportunity for a break during class at times.

Late Work

Any paper work like sketches, responses, warm ups, ect are due on the due date. All projects will have a due date and need to be completed to ensure they have enough time to dry before firing.  You have 5 days after the due date to submit late work before points begin to be taken off as follow:

Late 6-10 days past- automatically 75%

Late 11-15 days past- automatically 50%

Late 16-20 days past- automatically 25%

Late 21+ days past- automatically 0%

As with any situation, let me know if you need an extension.  I am very flexible if you communicate with me.

Course Summary:

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