Course Syllabus


I am excited to be guiding you through your first year of English at Parkwood Highl!   You are going to quickly notice that high school is completely different from what you have experienced in the past- this year particularly with the unprecedented learning opportunities we have this year as you will spend 4 days each week remote learning.   NO WORRIES!   WE HAVE THIS!!!!  


Contact information:


Office hours will be every Friday.   However, if you EVER have ANY QUESTIONS, please shoot me an email and I will respond as quickly as possible.  


My Philosophy on the Role of English


 I am interested in teaching students the skills necessary to think and form their own judgments. Literature allows students to confront ideas with which people and society may not be comfortable. However, if they can learn to empathize enough to take these ideas seriously while suspending their own belief systems, they are able to form their own judgments about the world around them from a wiser and more understanding perspective.


What We will Explore this Year


Students will be presented with works of literature and nonfiction writing that grapple with the idea of varying types of societies and how we fit into them. Through the close reading of various texts, students will learn to evaluate intricate arguments and meet the challenge of deciphering complex texts.  These works will be divided into three categories that will address the essential questions:   WHO AM I?   WHO ARE YOU?   WHO ARE WE?  Each of these will have it’s own set of essential questions that we will explore in more detail.  

We will also split our time building our vocabulary, grammar skills as well as writing skills.  


Grading Policy

We will follow the school grading system:

A  100-90

B   89-80

C   79-70

D    69-60

F   Below 60


Your grade will be divided into 3 weighted categories:

45%   Remote Learning assignments 

45%   Formal Assessments (tests)

10%   Class discussions/activities (the day we meet at school)


Frankly, this is high school…   However you can manage keeping up with all handouts and other documents is up to you.   With that said, it will be a good idea to have some kind of binder to keep papers organized and accessible when you need them.   You will need something with which to write- your preference (pen or pencil).    You will need your chromebooks on days that we meet face to face.   Be sure it is charged or remember to bring your charger.  


What class will look like


Because our time together face to face is incredibly limited, we will spend our time together discussing assigned readings and doing ‘hands on’ type of activities.  Many of these will center upon the assigned text but also may include vocabulary or grammar activities.  There will be limited time for working on weekly assignments in class.   It is your responsibility to be prepared for our time together.  This means that you will have the assigned reading read for the the week in order to participate in the class dialogue.  If you are not prepared, it’s a “0” for that day.  10% doesn’t seem to be very much but repeated unpreparedness will negatively impact your over all average.



I AM HERE FOR YOU!!!!!!!  You are going to be reading a ton of exciting short stories that are going to challenge you by making you think more deeply about aspects of your life that are generally taken for granted.   I can’t wait to discuss these with you as you further develop your opinions and defend them!  In other words, my main goal for you this year is to THINK!!!!!   


Please remember, if you ever have any questions regarding any assignments, or anything in general, reach out to me!   We are going to have an awesome year!!!!!!     

Course Summary:

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