Course Syllabus

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Sports and Entertainment Marketing 1, Honors

Fall, 2020

Room 205

Catherine Stout


Welcome to Sports and Entertainment Marketing 1!  It is my pleasure to have you in my class and I look forward to facilitating your exploration of the world of Sports and Entertainment Marketing and sharing skills and knowledge that you will be able to use throughout their lifetimes.  I have outlined below a brief summary of what will be covered in this class, how students will be graded, and my class rules.  I hope to partner with you to ensure you have the greatest opportunity for success.  With that in mind, please feel free to contact me anytime at if you should have any questions or concerns.  If you would like to keep up with our progress, I will be using a Canvas page that will include all assignments, readings, presentations, etc.  Additionally, grades will be posted on PowerSchool and you will be able to see any missing assignments there too.

Catherine Stout


Introduction to Course and Classroom Rules and Procedures:

Unit 1 Understand career planning, marketing, product management, selling, and promotion for the sport and event industries

Unit 2 Understand marketing information management for the sport & event industries

Unit 3 Understand marketing planning & promotion for the sport & event industries

Unit 4 Understand selling, promotion, product/service management, and pricing for the sport & event industries


Tests                            25%

Projects                    25%

Classwork               20%

Quizzes                     15%

Participation           15%

*Note:  The end of course exam will count 25% towards the overall semester grade.

Late Work Policy

I will accept late work for up to 1 week after the due date at a reduced grade according to the chart below:

1-2 days late - 80% of what you would have received if turned in on time

3-4 days late - 60% of what you would have received if turned in on time

5-6 days late - 40% of what you would have received if turned in on time

7 days late - 20% of what you would have received if turned in on time

8+ days late - 0

Materials Needed 

A fully functioning, charged chromebook (for every day!)

A good attitude

A binder with pockets

Notebook paper


*May require additional materials as semester progresses

Class Rules

 Prepare!  Come to class on time (virtually and in person)  with your completed assignments and ready to work.

Focus! Take your seat and begin warm-up when bell rings

Listen!  Pay attention to me and your fellow students when we are speaking.

Engage!  Raise your hand to ask questions or offer comments, but always feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts!

Self-Control!  Only leave your seat when given permission or directed to by me.  (Sharpen your pencil before class, throw away trash on your way out.)

Plan!  Use the restroom before and after class. (Bathroom passes will be required and will only be allowed one at a time.

Eliminate Distractions! Cell phones and ear buds must be in your book bag during class.  Chromebooks must be closed unless we are using them for a classroom activity.  Games will not be played on chrome books in class.

 Show respect for your peers! Treat your classmates with respect. (Don’t say or do anything to a fellow student you wouldn’t want said or done to you!)

Show respect for authority! Treat me with respect and I promise to do the same for you.

Course Summary:

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