Course Syllabus

Parkwood High School

Earth and Environmental Science

Mrs. Gaines


Welcome to Earth Science – the study of the world around you. 


Note from the teacher: Hello Everyone! Welcome back! I am so excited to be your Earth and Environmental Science Teacher! I am starting off the school year on maternity leave. My second baby (Eloise) is due at the end of August :) I should be returning sometime around October 8th. In the meantime you will have an AWESOME teacher, Mrs. Weddle. Her email address is:



Our topics will include Astronomy (study of outer space), Geology (study of rocks, earthquakes, volcanoes and plate tectonics), Meteorology (study of the atmosphere, climate and climate change), and Oceanography (study of the oceans and water systems). 


Required Supply List:   

  • Chromebook and Charger- necessary for class each day

Students will be prohibited from sharing chromebooks and chargers. Each student MUST come to class prepared each day. 


Daily Class Routine:

  • Once I have returned from maternity leave, Canvas Conferencing will be open for virtual students to ask questions and for me to give live/recorded explanations for each topic. 
  • Every day the students will be assigned: vocabulary, reading and reading comprehension questions. All will be virtually accessible via Canvas. These assignments will be assigned Monday-Thursday. All assignments will be due by Thursday at midnight. If an assignment is turned in after the assigned due date.. it will be considered late and will have a 20% off  penalty. 


Detailed Description of the Daily Class Routine: 

    • Vocabulary: Students will begin class with key vocabulary for the day. Students will have a vocabulary organizer for every chapter that we complete. The vocabulary organizer will be on a google doc and will be due on the day of our chapter test.  For each vocabulary word: students will type the definition, put the word in a sentence and find a picture of the word. 
    • Reading: Students will be assigned one section of a chapter to read each day.
    • Comprehension Questions: Students will complete assigned section assessment questions related to the assigned reading (usually about five questions). 
    •  Comprehension Questions: Students will complete a workbook page also related to the assigned reading. 
  • *Everything will be posted/turned in through Canvas*


Tests & Quizzes:

  • You will have a test at the end of each chapter. Tests will be posted on Canvas. The test questions will come directly from your assigned section readings. The comprehension questions assigned throughout the week will help you prepare for your chapter test. Tests will be open-note due to the layout of the 2020-2021 school year. 
  • Quizzes will be unannounced at the teachers discretion. Quizzes will be posted on Canvas. 


Grading Scale: 

Everything will be graded based on points. 

For Example:

10 question quiz will be worth 10 points

30 question test will be worth 30 points


Classroom Rules and Expectations: 

  • Wear a mask 
  • Stay 6-feet apart from others
  • Keep your cell phone out of sight
  • No food in the classroom
  • No drinks in the classroom (with the exception of water in a closed container)
  • Come to class with your chromebook fully charged each day


Late/Make-Up Work:

  • There will be a 20% penalty for all work turned in after the due date


To Turn In Signed Syllabus:

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  3. Click “Ok”
  4. Fill out the bottom portion of this document
  5. Turn in signed syllabus under the assignment titled "signed syllabus"


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