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Programming I Syllabus

        Ms. Boyce               Room 201             email:

Course Overview

Programming I is a beginner course that will introduce students to the Python Programming Language! Students will learn coding concepts while creating unique programs and learn to think like a computer scientist. Course content includes tutorials, practice labs, and coding projects. The final assessment will be the successful completion of the Microsoft Python Certification Exam. 

Required Materials

  • Wired headphones or earbuds
  • Student issued chromebook & charger
  • Internet access
  • Wireless mouse (recommended)


Students will be graded on a combination of lesson activities, homework, projects, participation, quizzes and tests.  Activities and homework are graded with an emphasis on effort and completion.  Quizzes, projects, and tests are graded on accuracy. The Grading policy is communicated for every assignment in Canvas.

The formula for grades: Points Earned/Points Possible = Grade

A= 90-100   B= 80-89   C= 70-79   D= 60-69   F= 0-59

Successful Practices

Success is entirely dependent on the effort you put into this class. Programming is learned through a combination of reading, watching, doing, failing, fixing and repeating. It takes practice and participating in self-led learning even if there is not ‘assigned homework’.

Final Exam Certification

All students will be eligible to take the Microsoft Technical Associate 98-381 Exam for Python Programming and will receive a certificate of completion with a passing score. 

Online Learning


(1) Your Canvas page is broken down by modules. You may have multiple weeks in one module. Become familiar with your Canvas page. All assignments and lessons for the week will be posted by Monday morning (with a few exceptions) for your review. (2) Read the Weekly Overviews. This will alleviate many of your questions and will let you know the expectations for each day. (3) Utilize the question forums for clarification.

Virtual Class Meetings

It is the expectation of the school and county that you be present every day via live stream. For this class, we will use Canvas Conference until communicated otherwise. Be logged into our scheduled class meeting within the first five minutes of class. Content and duration of meeting will vary. Additional assignments may be made available to you only during our livestreams. Watch for Announcements in Canvas for virtual meeting updates.

Tests & Exams

An access code will be required for tests and exams. There may also be a limited window of time these assessments are available. 

Absences and Missed Work

Since the entirety of this class is posted in Canvas, missed work due to absences is not a thing. All assignments are posted in Canvas and due dates are communicated in both written and verbal form way in advance of the due date.

Late Work

Due dates are attached to every assignment in Canvas. I typically have “bulk” due dates where activities are all due at the end of the week. Extensions and late penalties are at my discretion, however,  the student must communicate this to me in advance of the due date. No work will be accepted after we finish with the coinciding unit (see above for missed work policy).

Course Summary:

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