Course Syllabus


Welcome Pirates to the 2020-2021 school year. My name is Mr. Harris and I will be teaching Math 8 for you this year. As we start the year Virtual, I wanted to highlight a couple of curriculum highlights as well as virtual classroom expectations. 


8th Grade Math Curriculum broadly covers the following topics: 

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Statistics

For more specifics, please see the state standards in the following link: 8th Grade Math State Standards


Virtual Class Expectations and Schedule 

2020-2021 Master Bell Schedule

8th Grade

Flex Time


1st Block


2nd Block


3rd Block




4th Block


Monday- Friday Option D 

9:05 - 9:35 am Student Morning Procedure (All Students)

  • Check email
  • Set daily and weekly class goals
  • Check Canvas Course Announcements for each Class
  • Check Canvas Calendar for each Class
  • Canvas Calendar and Canvas Announcements will share teacher office hour times, registration process, small-group live session times you might be asked to participate, and other important information


  • Majority of core teachers (ELA, Math, Science, and/or Social Studies) will meet live with your class at your designated block time. If your teacher is meeting at a different time, you will be notified.  
  • Related Arts Classes will post their videos, assignments, projects, and all work (on Canvas) and you may start their coursework at your specific RA time 
  • On Friday, each teacher will offer two hours of office hour time that students may register.  These sessions will be individual with the teacher.
  • Small group sessions will be offered on Fridays. Teacher will notify students 
    • Math Friday 12:00 
    • ELA Friday 9:00
    • SCI Friday 10:00
    • SS Friday 11:00
    • RA Friday 1:00

Student Expectations During Class

  • Mute yourself immediately upon entering the session
  • Be an active participant … using the chat when appropriate … giving a thumbs up
  • Type only relevant and appropriate comments and questions in the chat
  • Raise your hand virtually or literally during the session.  Please wait for the teacher to engage or recognize you
  • Ask any clarifying questions
  • Student Code of Conduct applies virtually 


Classwork/Homework 40%

Test/Quiz 30%

Warm ups/Daily Maths 20%

Participation 10%

What virtual tools will be used?

  • Canvas
    • Canvas Announcements, Canvas Calendar, Canvas Assignments, ect.
    • Parents Encouraged to become a Canvas Observer.
  • Microsoft Teams
    • This will be used for video conferences and our “face to face” direct instruction.
    • Unlike last year, students will be able to see me, and I will be able to see students. 
  • IXL
  • Khan Academy
  • More

Other Thoughts

    • Complete all assignments by their due dates
    • Self-assess whether you will need to register with any teacher for office hours on Friday and register following teacher established procedures
  • A log of your activity will be recorded at the end of each session (when logged in and logged off). This log will be used to document your effort and engagement in the session.
  • Contact counselors for any support.  Schedule an appointment if necessary.


The school is here to support you! We can schedule virtual meetings or phone conferences at any time! Please see below for important email addresses. 

Teacher contact info: 

Counselor contact: 

Counselor Canvas Page: 

8th Grade Administrator:  


Course Summary:

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