Course Syllabus

Marvin Ridge High School

AP English IV—English Literature and Composition

Mrs. Every


Course Description:


In AP English Literature and Composition, we strive to improve our comprehension and enjoyment of all thoughtful reading material, especially those sometimes-obscure “literary” works.  We will discuss everything from the nature of literature to the usefulness of American Standard English, and we will read and write constantly.  We’ll read and reread, write and rewrite, building on feedback from each other as we develop our own self-critical skills.  Since we’ll follow the curricular requirements outlined in the AP English Course Description, you will be prepared when the AP Lit exam arrives in May.  Further, as with any college-level composition course, our focus will range far beyond any one-time exam:  increasingly complex, substantive reading and writing await you in college and beyond, and the work we do here should aid you in that learning as well.  We will need to keep a portfolio of your work in this course. I have chosen many major works, essays, and poems for us to consider.  You and your classmates will choose others from a range of time periods and cultures.  By this approach I hope we can target your interests as well as mine, while gaining a better understanding of the historical contexts of English literature.  We will focus heavily on the merits of revision.  Sometimes you will revise independently, while other projects will involve feedback from your classmates and me.  Either way, further crafting of your writing will improve your “one-draft” tasks, such as essay exams or AP timed writings, and your larger compositions.  I will encourage and aid you as much as I can in this course; ultimately, as with most endeavors, your gains in this class will be proportionate to your sincere, focused efforts. After all, this is a skill-based class; you can only sharpen your skills through individual effort.


Grade Level:                          12



Materials:                               1.  3-ringed notebook

  1. paper
  2. novels
  3. pens, pencils,
  4. highlighters of at least 3 different colors
  5. Internet Connection








Books to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  1. The Pigeon
  2. Reading in the Dark
  3. A Prayer for Owen Meany
  4. The Road
  5. The Picture of Dorian Gray
  6. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  7. The Metamorphosis
  8. No Exit
  9. Zoo Story
  10. Waiting for Godot
  11. Othello


Late work will be accepted with a deduction of 15 percent per day.  Any paper that is turned in after homework is collected is considered late.  Students with excused absences will be allowed to turn in homework when they return to class. Students will be required to read and research three books independently for literary analysis.






Per MRHS Student/Staff Handbook:


Cheating/plagiarism. Students will refrain from copying, using, or otherwise claiming work of others to be their own. Students shall not cheat on tests/examinations, copy the work of another, or complete any type of academic assignment in a dishonest or deceptive manner. For any cheating/plagiarism offense, students will be given a grade of zero (0) on the work, a parent conference will be initiated by the teacher and a discipline referral to administration will occur. Subsequent offenses are handled by the teacher in the same manner with additional administrative disciplinary consequences up to out of school suspension (OSS).


Course Summary:

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