Course Syllabus

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Contact information:  Phone: 704-296-3088 X 7164

Link to Canvas Page Tutoring: Friday’s Per request

Planning: 4th block   Room: 616       Twitter: @MsCasey1126    Instagram: ms._casey

Course Description:

In this course, students are introduced to clothing production in the areas of preparation for clothing construction, basic clothing construction techniques, consumer decisions, textiles, historical perspectives and design, and career opportunities. 



At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the apparel industry and design
  • Understand textiles
  • Understand apparel engineering


  1. Face masks must be worn at all times.
  2. Everyone must stay 6 feet apart.
  3. Please do not come to school if you are awaiting a test result 
  4. Food/drink not allowed in classroom
  5. Attendance will be taken both in person and virtually every day. You must log into Canvas daily at your scheduled time. Be on time! (Missing more than 15 minutes of class = absence)
  6. Respect all individuals in the classroom 
  7. Use appropriate language at all times.
  8. The use of cell phones is prohibited.
  9. Participate in class. It is part of your grade and you learn more by doing!
  10. Make-up all work missed. You are in charge of asking for missed assignments.
  11. ALL school rules apply in my classroom.


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Supplies Needed:

At this time I will not be requiring materials for a digital classroom. Should we move back into the classroom, we will discuss materials needed for a sewing project. This would include: fabric (about 2 yards), thread, a pattern, and any notions your pattern may require. Thank you for your flexibility. 


There will be several opportunities to earn points throughout the semester. This includes daily participation, exams/quizzes (including State-made Benchmark & Final Exam), group work, classwork and projects. The grading scale is as follows:

A = 100-90% B = 89-80% C = 79-70% D = 69-60% F = 59-0%


Formal Assessments 25%

Daily Classwork 50%

Projects 25%


Total: 100%


No work will be accepted past the last day of the term. Student work turned in after the assigned due date will result in a loss of points. Students will lose 10% each day an assignment is late. Exceptions are at teacher discretion based on the outcome of a student-teacher conference. All group projects must be completed as a cooperative unit. If cooperation is not apparent, students will be graded accordingly or alternative assessments will be assigned.

Canvas may be used to grade assignments however, the grades in Canvas, while accurate to that assignment, are NOT the gradebook.  My gradebook includes categories of assignments that may be weighted differently and may include grades for assignments that were not completed on Canvas.  Students and parents should always check PowerSchool for true grades.

Work that has received a 0 and cannot be made up will have a 0 in the gradebook.  If it has not been turned in but still may be completed for a grade, it will have a score of 1. 

I have read and understand the class rules, procedures, content and course grade requirements for Apparel I. My child will follow the policies as established. 


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Wish List:

This year my class will look different due to virtual learning. To enhance the productivity and safety in our classroom, I have constructed a “Wish List” of items we are in need of for this semester. Feel free to cut on the dotted line and keep a copy of the wish list for yourself. I appreciate your support with our classroom!


Classroom Supplies:

Disinfectant spray/wipes                       Tissues

Paper Towels                                                 Gloves

Hand Sanitizer                                              Disposible masks


Sewing Supplies:

Fabric (any size/type)                                Elastic

Seam ripper                                                    Shears 

Thread                                                               Pins

Course Summary:

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