Course Syllabus

AP Microeconomics

Fall Semester 2020

Mr. Haines

Room E223


Planning Period: 4th


Course Description and Overview

The purpose of the AP Microeconomics course is to give students an understanding of the economic principles that apply to individual decision makers, both consumers and producers, within the economic system.  It places primary emphasis on the nature and function of product markets and includes the study of factor markets and the role of government in promoting greater efficiency and equity in the economy.

The course will be one semester long this spring with the AP test being taken on May 12th.   This course will challenge and require you to think critically, write effectively, read consistently and participate regularly.  In addition to the text, students will use newspapers, the internet and other sources of information to aid their understanding of the topics. 

In order for students to receive AP credit for this class, they must take the AP test in the spring.  The topics for Micro that will be covered on the exam are as follows:


Basic economic concepts


Supply and Demand


Production, Cost and the Perfect Competition model


Imperfect Competition


Factor Markets


Market Failure and the role of Government


Class Text

McConnell, Campbell; Brue, Stanley; Flynn, Sean.  Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies 19th. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2012 *We are working on acquiring access to the online version.*

Grading Policy

Grades in this class will be done on a weighted percentage category scale.  Each assignment that is graded will be a part of a category that is weighted to determine your overall grade.  This scale is not what has been used in the past but will be the method we use as long as we are virtual. *It may be subject to change as conditions change.*

Tests- will be open note but timed                                   30%

Problem sets                                                                         15%

Current event applications-                                               15%

Classroom work                                                                   20%

Quizzes-   Graph, FRQ and Short answer                        20%



**A cumulative AP style exam will be given during the 1st semester exam period for this course.**



  1. In accordance with Union County 8 missed classes results in a failing grade
  2. If you miss a class you are required to obtain notes from a classmate and make up all work missed.
  3. Missed work is to be completed and returned by 2 days after the absence or a deadline we discuss.

Incomplete/Late Work

                Work that is turned in late will get 50% credit for one day late; after that no credit will be given.


  1. It is the expectation of the teacher that all students make the effort to learn and not be a distraction to others.
  2. Be on time
  3. Be respectful of the teacher, your fellow students, yourself and school property.



Units of Study

Unit of Study

Corresponding Chapters of our Text

Unit 1- Introduction to Economics

Ch. 1,2,37

Unit 2- Supply and Demand

Ch. 3-4

Unit 3-

Production and Costs

Pure Competition


Ch. 6&7

Ch. 8&9

Unit 4- Imperfect Competition


Monopolistic Competition & Oligopoly


Ch. 10

Ch. 11

Unit 5- Factor Markets

Ch. 12-14

Unit 6- Market Failure and the Role of Govt.

Ch. 5,16,18,20

Course Summary:

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