Course Syllabus







Course Description:

The course will allow the students to develop a Personal Total Body Fitness Program.  This program will be the basis for achieving their Lifetime Fitness Goals. The student will be introduced to the major muscle groups of the body and learn their names, locations, actions and how to train these muscles.  The course will promote the development of movement, skill, knowledge, self-image, fitness, personal and social growth. 


Student Outcomes:

The student will:

  1. Be able to instruct others in proper weightlifting techniques.
  2. Demonstrate proper spotting techniques for all lifts and exercises that require spotting.
  3. Develop a set of personal fitness goals
  4. Develop a work ethic that encourages accomplishment of stated fitness goals.
  5. Improve self image by achieving higher fitness levels
  6. Learn to function in a group setting
  7. Identify muscles used, their action and correct lifting techniques of assigned exercises
  8. Observe and analyze the lifting techniques of another person, or themselves on video                                                                                                         PLvsl5npIGkGZ904XMNxDffxe5xeZm8A_original.png

CATA Health and Physical Education Department Fitness/Weightlifting Honors Syllabus

Instructor Information

Instructor: Coach Griffin


Phone: 704-296-3088 Ext. 7132

Office: Rm. #713

OBJECTIVE- To teach the structure and function of the muscular system as it relates to increasing muscular strength while also focusing on lifetime fitness principles associated with enhancing overall health and understanding and building competence on proper lifting and training procedures.  

PREFACE- The training implemented in this course is designed to increase overall strength as well as sport specific strength. We will work to increase core strength as well as basic compound lifts with the use of free weights and resistance.

DRESSING OUT- You will be required to dress out in proper P.E. clothing on a daily basis.

LOCKS AND LOCKERS- You will receive a combination lock and a locker the first week of school.

LOCKER SYSTEM- You will be assigned a locker. When your block is over you will need to remove all of your belongings from the locker.

VALUABLES- It’s simple, DON’T BRING THEM! If you don’t bring valuables to the locker room then you don’t have to worry about them being stolen. Please note that the coaches are not responsible for valuables.

WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS AND TESTS- At the end of the first semester you will have a written final exam on the structure and function of the muscular system. At the end of the second semester your written final exam will be based on the nutritional content of the course.

MAXES- We will take recorded maxes every 9 weeks. This will fall at the end of the quarters and semesters. You will be graded based off strength improvement and proper technique using a weight lifting grading rubric.

FINAL EXAM- Your final exams will account for approximately 25% of your overall grade. It will consist of previously explained test, projects, and maxes.

Attendance & Tardy Policy Attendance: Zero points will be given for BOTH Excused and Unexcused ABSENCES.

Tardiness: Do not be late to the locker room or late to attendance. Students must be in the locker room when the bell rings or they will be TARDY! Students not in class (gym, track, field etc.) on time for attendance will also be Tardy!

Diversity Statement

All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry. As members of the CATA educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.


Participation- 10 Points

Dress Out: 10 Points

Other assignments including quizzes and assessments: Graded on a 100 Point system

Grading Scale:

100-90 - A

89-80 - B

79-70 - C

69-60 - D

59 and below - F


You must always have a spotter!

No Food or Drinks other than water allowed!

No cell phones!

Ask before you leave to get a drink!

No horseplay!

Set weights down the correct way!

Remove the weights evenly off each side of the bar!

Do the reps, sets, and lifts that you are supposed to be doing!

Pick up all trash!

Put all weights back where they belong when you are done with them!

Course Summary:

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