Course Syllabus


Math I Syllabus                         Instructor: Lisa O’Connor         Central Academy of Technology and Arts

1. Course Description

  1. Math I continues the study of algebraic concepts.  It includes topics in geometry, one and two variable statistics, operations with polynomials, creation and application of linear functions and relations, algebraic representations of geometric relationships, and an introduction to nonlinear functions.  Students will be expected to describe and translate among graphic, algebraic, numeric, tabular and verbal representations of relations and use those representations to solve problems.  Appropriate technology including graphing calculators will be used for instruction and assessment. This course builds on the student's understanding of basic mathematics in the study of algebraic skills and problem solving. Students will learn to express real-world problems in algebraic sentences in order to find solutions. Successful completion of the course is an indispensable step in preparation for more advanced math courses to follow.


     2. Goals and Objectives

     Specific goals and objectives to be covered by the course can be found by following the link below to the pdf for Math 1

    math-1 NCDPI standards.pdf


    3. Grading

    Final grades will be calculated with each 6 weeks grade and exam counting 25%.  6 week grades will be based as follows: 


    Homework/classwork:         50%                        Assessments:  50%

    Classwork/Homework will be assigned each day to reinforce skills learned that day and in preparation for upcoming lessons. All work must be shown and submitted to receive credit.  Assignments that do not have appropriate work shown will receive a zero.   Daily assignments can be found on the announcement board of the Canvas page for the class.  Homework/Classroom assignments will include, but are not limited to, notes, worksheets, discovery/investigations and IXL/Delta/Khan/Desmos assignments

    Assessments will be given on a regular basis to help measure student learning.  These could be quizzes, tests, group assignments, projects or any other method to assess student learning. As with homework, all work must be shown in order to receive credit. 


    Grades of "0" or "1"

      A grade of "0" will be recorded when an assignment will not be able to be accepted for credit due to failure to make up or missing/incomplete assignment.

      A grade of "1" will be recorded when an assignment has not been given credit but is still eligible to be turned in for partial credit or full credit.  If noted as absent, assignment can be made up within the makeup policy time restraints for full credit.  If the assignment is noted as missing or incomplete and shows a score of "1", it can be completed for partial credit (usually 1/2 credit). 


    Math I will be assessed with a state end of course test.  Students must pass the state exam with an A or B in order to pass the course. 

    Parents can access grades through Parent Portal online and through printed progress report (midterm) and report cards.

     4. Tutoring

     Extra help is available via Canvas conference on Fridays.  Students are expected to come to these sessions with questions prepared and actively seek instruction by asking questions.


    Students may also request a peer tutor from their guidance counselor if they are in need of ongoing help outside of class.

     5.  Materials

    • Pencil and eraser (either mechanical or standard) and colored pencils
    • Notebook paper and graph paper
    • Highlighter
    • Dry Erase markers
    • Flashcards/blank index cards
    •   3-ring Binder (with 10 dividers for sections)*
    • Graphing Calculator*
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Earphones

    Graphing Calculators: We do not have a class set of calculators available for students to use during the class period. Students may use Desmos, an online graphing calculator, or a handheld graphing calculator.  It is recommended that you purchase the Texas Instruments TI 83 or TI 84, any edition (silver, plus, etc.) as you will continue to use it throughout high school/college math courses. Calculators are to be brought to class daily.

    *3-ring binder set up-  Dividers will be labeled by unit as follows

    1. Expressions/Equations/Inequalities
    2. Linear Functions
    3. Functions
    4. Exponential Functions
    5. Quadratic Functions
    6. Systems of Equations
    7. Geometry
    8. One-variable statistics
    9. Two-variable statistics

     All notes and assignments should be labeled at the top with the student’s name, date and assignment name or notes topic.  Notes and assignments should be completed on separate pieces of paper.


    6. Resources

     Most assignments and resources will be accessed through our learning platform, Canvas.  Most assignments will be completed and submitted on the students own paper.  ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN TO RECEIVE CREDIT, and all assignments must be labeled with the student’s name and appropriate date and assignment title.


    EmpowererED Family Portal


    7. Absences Tardies and Make-Up Work

     Daily attendance is important to the understanding of mathematics.  That said, it is sometimes necessary to miss class due to illness, field trips or sports commitments. It is a student’s responsibility to access the canvas page to find out what they missed while they were out of class. 

    ABSENCE FROM SCHOOL-  Notes, assignments and assessments missed due to illness must be made up within two days of the absence.  Please make arrangements with the teacher to schedule a time to make up assessments during the tutoring sessions on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings. 

    FIELD TRIPS/MISSED CLASS DUE TO SCHOOL OR SPORTS COMMITMENT- Students attending field trips or other school related commitments where they are not considered absent from school will not receive additional time for the day’s assignments, and must access Canvas and bring in all work the following day.  If an assessment is missed, they must schedule a time to complete this during the Tuesday or Wednesday morning tutoring sessions.  ASSIGNMENTS OR ASSESSMENTS NOT MADE UP WITHIN THE ALLOWED TIME WILL RECEIVE A ZERO.



    Schedule- Days and Times

    Students will attend in person on the day indicated by the first letter of their last name.

    A-K, Monday  Tuesday            L-Z, Wednesday   Thursday 

  2. Friday is remote for all students
  3. Classroom Expectations

    1. Students must come to class on-time and prepared with materials.
    2. Students must participate in class with a positive attitude and demonstrate effort.
    3. Students must be respectful to both peers and adults in and out of class.
    4. Students are not allowed to use earphones, iPods, MP3 players, game systems, or cell phones in class. CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF AND KEPT IN Backpacks.
    5. When you are absent you are responsible for acquiring what was missed in class.  You have two days to turn in make-up work.  If you are absent on the day a test is given, you must make arrangements to take it.  Make ups will not be completed during class time. 
    6. You need to bring your graphing calculator to class daily.
    7. No food or beverages consumed in the classroom besides water.


  4. Tardy Policy
    At CATA, instruction is very important. All students are expected to be in their classrooms and ready to receive
    instruction before the tardy bell rings for each class. Following the tardy bell, students who are not in first period
    class must report to the front office for a tardy pass. During the rest of the day teachers will mark student
    tardy in the PowerSchool Attendance System. Only students with a Tardy Pass will be admitted after the tardy
    bell rings for first period.
    1st/2nd Tardy: Warning from an administrator in the front office (1st period) and the teacher in the classroom
    (all periods)
    3rd Tardy: Warning from an administrator in the front office (1st period) and the teacher in the classroom (all
    periods). The teacher will contact the parent on the third tardy by phone.
    4th/5th Tardy: Warning from an administrator in the front office (1st period) and the teacher in the classroom
    (all periods). The teacher will submit a discipline referral to the administration and 1 day ASD with administration.
    The administration will contact the parent.
    6th/7th Tardy: Warning from an administrator in the front office (1st period) and the teacher in the classroom
    (all periods). The teacher will submit a discipline referral to the administration and 2 days ASD with
    The administration will contact the parent.
    8th Tardy: Warning from an administrator in the front office (1st period) and the teacher in the classroom (all
    periods). The teacher will submit a discipline referral to the administration and 3 days ASD. The administration
    will set up a parent conference, create a written plan, and possible additional consequences.
  5. Contact Information

    I look forward to working with you and your child.  Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.


    School Phone:  704-296-3088



Course Summary:

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