Course Syllabus

Mrs. Amy Ellis 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher Student Lighthouse Team Coordinator.png   Our class will increase the percentage of students with an A or a B in Language Arts from 54% to 65% by the end of term 5..png  
Weekly Learning Modules-1.png   Copy of 9_05-9_15 Announcements 9_15-9_40 Lead-LIVE for HR 9_40-9_45 Group Exercise 9_45-11_10 Block 1 Live Intro @9_50 11_14-1_14 Block 2 Live @ 11_50 & Lunch 11_14-11_39 1_18-1_55 Block 3 Encore 1_59-2_36 Block 4 E-1.png   Copy of Daily Student Attendance-1.png   Copy of late work policy.png  
Copy of 2020-2021.png   Copy of Canvas Observer Directions.png   Copy of Supplies.png   Copy of wish list.png  

Course Summary:

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