Course Syllabus

You can find my 2021 (Semester 2) Financial Planning I Honors Syllabus in this link!

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America is a nation that is run by wealth. Understanding the basics of wealth and money is arguably the most important mandate for the 21st century when it comes to advancing the future of young adults.  So many of your challenges will relate to a lack of wealth, but even more directly to a lack of knowledge.

The attraction of earning high returns from investments gets people’s attention: Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and real estate are all part of it. However, there are also risks involved in obtaining those greater returns when investing.  Before setting out to invest, you must increase your knowledge to make your best investing decisions. 

This course will offer you an entry into the world of investing. Different investments will be presented along with what causes changes in the market. Effects of the economy, politics, and the global economy on investments will all be investigated in this course. 

In order to get an idea of investing, we will play the Stock Market Game through-out the semester and you will create an investment portfolio.

Course Objectives

1.00 Understand the basics of finance.

2.00 Understand the basics of investing.

3.00 Understand financial analysis.

4.00 Understand law and security measures in business.

5.00 Understand the impact of the economy on financial decisions

We will be using Knowledge Matters Virtual Business (Links to an external site.) - Personal Finance throughout the course!

Expectations during Hybrid Learning: Students are going to be expected to log on each day in real time. So, if you have me first period you are expected to be logged in and ready to learn first period. Each day we will have a Google Meet, a discussion piece, and an activity piece. Grades will be put into Power School each week, so please check with me when you have a concern. Instruction will be Monday-Thursday. Friday will be a day for parents and students to ask for additional help. It will be a day of remediation. This is fantastic, because if you need to make up any work, I will be free all day to help you with the course work! This is an Honors class so be prepared to work and learn difficult concepts. If you get behind in this course it will be difficult to catch up.


If a student does not turn in an assignment on its due date, the teacher adds a 0 (zero) in BOTH Power school (as this alerts both parent and student) and Canvas.

The student then has until Sunday night at 11:59 PM to submit the assignment for late credit. At that point, the zero for this specific assignment remains a zero.

Supplies:  It is recommended that you have the following:

  • A 3-Ring Binder Notebook (1.5 inches minimum, can be shared w/ another class)
  • Highlighter – Any Color
  • Your body and your mind in class. You cannot maximize your potential if you don’t attend class.

Class Rules:   (These rules are in addition to Union County Public School (UCPS) and Cuthbertson HS rules.) 

  • Be prompt – by being in your assigned seat when the final bell rings (I take attendance through my seating chart)
  • No lining up at the door near the end of the class. (4th block if your desk and floor beside  is clean, then Senior bell is OK)
  • No Talking to others while I am giving directions or class notes, 5 points will be deducted after the first warning
  • Sleeping or habitually having your head down during notes and videos will result in points deduction
  • Disruption of classroom through noise or other means during notes, videos, or presentations equals points deduction
  • Be polite and respectful to your classmates and to me. (No Horseplay) Have a valid reason if you leave your seat.
  • Notes, Group work & presentations, independent work is expected. If you don’t want to work, drop the course. If you cannot handle autonomy, drop the class.  I don’t micromanage you.

Cell phones, ear buds and chromebook policy:   

  • Ear bud use during notes will result in points deduction
  • No games/movies or Internet browsing during notes or when you are assigned work to be done.
  • When I say “NO CHROMEBOOKS”, they are to be closed until I give the “OK”.  Violations will result point deductions.
  • Phones should only be used for important communication w/ parents and then put away.

Progression of Rules & Policy violations:

(The teacher reserves the right to skip to any step if needed.)

  1. Warning-Verbal or written, Points off grade if disruptive behavior continues
  2. 5 minute detention (before or after school)
  3. ISS
  4. Notify Parent/Guardian via email
  5. Office referral/write-up (Principal, AP or School Resource Officer involvement)

Attendance & Tardiness:

  • UCPS rules outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook applies.
  • School tardy policy is always in effect.

Guideline for Turning in Assignments:  (Failure to follow will result in loss of points.)

  • All typed papers will use Times Roman or Arial fonts, 12-point in size, and 1-inch margins.
  • Typed papers will require a Full Heading: Name, Assignment Name/Number, Class Period, and   This information will be placed on all typed work in the upper right side of the paper.

When absent, timeline for missed assignments: (Do not ask me for missed work at the beginning of class.  Wait until group or independent work time. Each day of work is mapped out in Canvas/Modules/"Day_____ DD/MM/YY")

  • Each student is responsible for completing all work missed during absences.
  • Students will begin to lose points off the assignment after 1 week of their return if the work is not turned in (subject to change at teacher discretion).
  • Check the box for assignment or class work, Canvas may also have the work available.

 Late Work

  • Second Semester Late Work Policy
    • Teachers determine due dates of specific assignments.
    • Assignments turned in on time will receive 100% of credit earned.
    • Assignments turned in late, but before the end of the current unit will receive 75% of earned credit. Example: A student turns in an assignment that would have received 80 points if on time, will earn 80x75% = 60 points. 
    • Assignments turned in late after the end of the unit, but before the end of the grading period will receive 50% of earned credit. Example: A student turns in an assignment that would have received 80 points if on time, will earn 80x50% = 40 points. 
    • “Excused” absences need to be considered when determining what is “late”. 

Grading Scale:

  • Grading Scale:
    • A 90-100
    • B 80-89
    • C 70-79
    • D 60-69
    • F Below 60=Failing
  • For this class:
    • Class and Homework Assignments: 25%
    • Tests: 25%
    • Quizzes: 25%
    • Projects 25%


  • Homework includes reading, completing written exercises, working on projects, researching current business events and preparing presentations.

In-School Suspension (ISS):

  • Students in ISS on test or quiz days must make up the test or quiz upon returning or in ISS.
  • All students are responsible for completing class assignments due while they are in ISS and turning in work according to class due dates.
  • If work is due on the day a student is in ISS, the student must turn the work into the ISS Coordinator that day.

Communication:  Both students and parents are encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns with me.

  1. Please check the CHS Website on my link on the teacher pages for general information
  2. A class texting system will be setup so that you will receive texts throughout the semester on important items and deadlines.
  3. Email:  The quickest way to contact me is usually by email (
  4. Phone:  You may also call here at the school (704-296-0105). 
  5. Conferences:  I am available before school and for meetings or parent conferences, which can be arranged through the Guidance Office.

Course Summary:

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