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World History

Coach Walker



            My name is Alex Walker, and I look forward to a year of learning with you.  I invite you to travel time with me!  This is a freshman survey course – we will be examining human history from the rise of civilizations to the present day. World History is a graduation requirement, and we will have a NC Final Exam at the end of the semester.  This class will also help prepare you for U.S. History and Civics/Economics courses.  If you bring your imagination, and apply yourself to the wonders of the past, the drama of the present, and the miracle of the future, we will have a marvelous time together.

            A little about me: This is my 22nd year of teaching.  I completed   my B.S. in Secondary Education with a major in History in 1996, and graduated from West Virginia University (Let’s Go Mountaineers!). I coach the offensive line for our beloved football team here at Cuthbertson High School. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan (I love the Panthers too, as long as they are not playing my CowboysJ) I love to hunt and fish, work out, and spend time with my family.



A 5-subject notebook, colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, small pencil sharpener, ruler, pen or pencil, and your best effort!

We do an interactive notebook!

Please consider donating tissues, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer - we are always in need!

**Please realize that when you walk into our classroom, you are entering a mutually supportive, positive learning community.  I hope you that you and your peers will work diligently and cooperatively to keep our classroom a welcoming place where you may all feel comfortable to learn, grow, and express yourselves.  I have high expectations that you will all use language and behavior that it appropriate and reflects respect and appreciation for your peers, myself, and the classroom.**


Be Ready to learn by coming to class on time, prepared for class

Be Respectful, not only of our classroom community, but yourself as well

Be Responsible for your actions by taking pride in yourself by always giving your best effort

Curriculum Calendar/Timeline:

The course will follow the guidelines of the NCSCOS for World History.

Class Outline:

First/Third Quarter-Early Civilizations, Greece to Middle Ages, Renaissance through Exploration, Asia and Absolutism, Enlightenment and French Revolution

Second/Fourth Quarter-Napoleon, Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, Nationalism, WW1, Interwar Period, WW2, Cold War, Democracy, Globalization, Terrorism, Environmental Problems, Developing Countries and Technology

Workload of the class:

We will work briskly… we are covering the history of the world, after all!  You can find the NC Essential Standards for World History at:  Everyone learns differently, therefore we will incorporate a variety of learning strategies – from lecture, discussion, group investigation, debate, to games and simulations on and Come with an open mind and a willingness to explore!  I do not assign homework, unless we have a test the next day (which you will have a study guide for).

Grading policy:

100% Assignments (classwork)-Informal Assignments

100% Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects, notebook checks)-Formal Assessments

Final-25% of your final grade


Late/Makeup Work:

If you miss a class, check with me the following day, or email me, or check the calendar on our class Canvas page. 

    • Teachers determine due dates of specific assignments.
    • Assignments turned in on time will receive 100% of credit earned.
    • Assignments turned in late, but before the end of the current unit will receive 75% of earned credit
    • Assignments turned in late after the end of the unit, but before the end of the grading period will receive 50% of earned credit.

I ALWAYS accept late work!

Email me any time at


Students who earn below a 80% on a formal assessment have the opportunity to re-test . You are only eligible to re-test if you have turned in the Unit study guide.


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