Course Syllabus


Health and Physical Education


Course Description

The Health & Physical Education program promotes behaviors that contribute to a healthful lifestyle and improved quality of life for all students. Recent studies in brain research reveal that physical activity promotes higher levels of learning by providing oxygen-rich blood needed by the brain. Courses are designed to develop skills and strategies in the specific activities; to enhance the student's appreciation of physical fitness to meet the demands of wholesome living; and to give students the opportunity to develop interest and proficiency in activities that have carry-over value in recreational activities throughout life.

Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in at least three of the following sports:
    1. Physical Fitness
    2. Intro to Volleyball
    3. Intro to Pickleball
    4. Intro to Tennis
    5. Intro to Badminton
    6. Intro to Kickball
  2. You will compare and evaluate how to improve individual performances.
  3. Demonstrate basic components of each sport.
  4. Students will complete 9 weeks of Physical Education and 9 weeks of Health Education.

Course Materials

Physical Education: Comfortable athletic clothes that conform to school dress code and athletic (gym appropriate) shoes. 

Health: Notebook and/or folder for taking notes, and a writing utensil.

Instructional Philosophy

Students will be able to:

  1. Plan and implement a personal health related fitness program.
  2. Acquire motor skills necessary for successful participation in lifetime sports.
  3. Understand and value lifetime participation in physical activity.
  4. Understand the importance of healthy lifestyle.

Students will have the opportunity to experience multiple individual and team sports.  They also will be developing teamwork and sportsmanship.  Students will be stretching/warming up, running for fitness and participating in individual and team sports.  Students are expected to participate on a daily basis.  Their daily grade makes up the largest part of their grade.

Course Standards

  1. Demonstrate proper warm up for physical activity.
  2. Demonstrate an improved level of cardiovascular fitness
  3. Demonstrate proper sportsmanship during activities.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of game rules.
  5. Participate in individual and team sport activities.
  6. Wear proper physical fitness attire.

Major Course Projects and Assignments

  1. Students will dress out properly for daily participation.
  2. Students will perform daily exercises as a warm-up.
  3. Students run on a daily basis to improve cardiovascular fitness.
  4. Students will participate in individual and team sports while demonstrating sportsmanship.
  5. Students may be tested on their knowledge of game rules.
  6. Students will participate in a daily individual or team sport activity.
  7. Students will understand and use the knowledge learned from health topics covered in class

Assessment and Grading Plan

Grading Scale







Students will earn 100 points per day based upon:             

                          Dressing Out

                          Dynamic Stretching and Warm-ups

                          Daily Activity/Sportsmanship

                          Health Assignments and Quizzes

                          Projects and Tests

Participation Policy: A student is always expected to participate.  If they choose not to dress out and still participate they will earn up to a 60, if they choose to do neither they will receive a 0 for their daily grade.  When a no dress occurs the following will also happen…

              First non-dress = 2 pts off the final grade.

              Second non-dress = 4 pts off the final grade.

              Third non-dress = 8 pts off the final grade.

              Fourth non-dress = 16 pts off the final grade.

              Fifth non-dress = 32 pts off the final grade.