Course Syllabus

Foundations of Math 2 Course Guidelines

Britney Forbis - Piedmont High School                                                                                                                       



Supplies List                                                                                       Teacher’s Classroom Wish List

3-ring binder                                                                                       Tissues            

Dividers                                                                                                 Hand Sanitizer

Loose-leaf paper                                            


Colored Pencils                                              


4” x 6” ruled index cards                                                                                                                   

*Graphing Calculator – TI-84 (*recommended but not required)                            


Classroom Expectations

No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of any person in our class.

--Be Respectful – respect yourself, others, and school property at all times.

--Be Polite – treat others with kindness and stay in your own space.

--Be Positive – encourage yourself and classmates to be successful.

--Be Responsible – complete all assignments on time, and do your absolute best.


Grading Policy

Grades are earned, not given.  All assignments will be assigned a point value, depending on the assignment (homework, classwork, quiz, test, etc.). 

--Students will take a Teacher-Made Final Exam for Foundations of Math 2.


Other Information

1) Students are expected to abide by all school rules and procedures at all times, as well as Union County Public Schools policies.

2)  If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to ask for make-up work/assignments, I will not remind you.  If you are absent, you have 3 days to turn in any work that you missed.

3)  I am available Tuesdays after school until at least 4:00 for tutoring, extra help, etc.  I am also available on Wednesday mornings from 7:30 – 8:15.  If there are any changes to this schedule, I will let you know at the beginning of the week!  I am ALWAYS available by email.

4)  No late work will be accepted.  This applies to all assignments (homework, projects, etc.).

5)  You should be studying/practicing Math outside of class for 2 – 3 hours each week.


Academic Integrity

Any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated, and will be treated as a very serious matter.  Any type of cheating on homework, quizzes or tests, projects, or classwork is a violation of the commitment to academic honesty.  Any instance of academic dishonesty will result in consequences for the student or students involved.  Such consequences include receiving a 0 on the assignment, notification of parents, and a referral to the office.  Students who are members of a sports team or club on campus will also have their coach/advisor notified.

Course Summary:

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