Course Syllabus

Microsoft Imagine Academy Syllabus                               

Microsoft Excel 2016                                                                        Mr. Stinson

Marvin Ridge High School                                                    


Course Goal:


By the end of this course, students should be proficient in Microsoft Excel 2016.  Students are expected to earn industry-recognized certifications in Microsoft Excel 2016.  All students will take two online performance tests in an effort to become certified in Microsoft Excel 2016 and also Microsoft Excel Expert 2016.


This curriculum was designed to meet the NC State Board of Education’s Guiding Mission, “that every public school student will graduate from high school, globally competitive for work and post-secondary education and prepare for life in the 21st century.”  The course is rigorous and relevant, is based on state and national content standards, and engages technology to teach today’s students.  Related business and industry partners have endorsed this course as one that helps to prepare students for high-skill, high-wage, and/or high-demand occupational opportunities.


*Prerequisite (Strongly Recommended):  Keyboarding Skill - minimum of 35 words per minute based on a five-minute timed writing with errors corrected.


Attendance, Tardy and Makeup


All Marvin Ridge attendance and tardy policies apply in this course. Makeup work can be scheduled before or after school. Please make an appointment for makeup work within one week of absence.


Grading Scale


Quizzes, labs, classwork, class participation and projects will determine each six week grade. A point system will be used. Everything will be given a point value ranging from 1 – 100 points. Each six weeks is worth 25% of your final grade. There is also a mandatory state exam at the end of the course that is worth 25% of your semester grade.


Supplies Needed:


  • A 1” 3-ring binder with pockets, or space in a larger notebook containing more than one class information.  A few handouts will be given with holes punched for your convenience.  The better organized you are, the better student you will be.  It is a good idea to keep your notes for each unit so you can use them to study for the mid-term and final exams.  Pen or pencil may also be needed each day.
  • Personal ear buds or headsets can be used as needed but these are only to be used when instructed by your teacher.




Tutoring will be offered weekly at designated times during SMART lunch. If morning or after school tutoring is needed, please see me to schedule in advance.



Pacing Guide

1.00 Understand basic and intermediate spreadsheet software skills using Microsoft Excel 2016.
1.01 Overview
1.02 Working with Microsoft Excel 2016
1.03 Using Office Backstage
1.04 Using Basic Formulas
1.05 Using Functions
1.06 Formatting Cells and Ranges
1.07 Formatting Worksheets
1.08 Managing Worksheets
1.09 Working with Data and Macros
1.10 Using Advanced Formulas
1.11 Securing Workbooks
1.12 Creating Charts
1.13 Adding Pictures and Shapes to a Worksheet
2.00 Understand advanced spreadsheet software skills to achieve Microsoft Excel Expert 2016.
2.01 Managing and Protecting Workbooks
2.02 Applying Custom Formatting and Layouts
2.03 Using Advanced Functions and Analyzing Data
2.04 Working with Advanced Charts and Pivot Tables


Contact Information:


Please feel free to contact the school and leave a message at (704) 290-1520, or you may e-mail me at


Course Summary:

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