Course Syllabus

English III Regular

Mr. Nelson                            

Room 804

Spring Term 2020


This college-preparatory (CP) course is designed to strengthen juniors’ skills in communications and language arts. 


The aim is to make the course relevant to the learners by providing choice and remediation where possible.


The class starts with JD Salinger’s novel THE CATCHER IN THE RYE and Sophocles’ play OEDIPUS REX to examine literary techniques, practice essential skills of reading/ writing/ listening/ and speaking while examining essential questions such as the role of fate in our lives (What is my place in the world?  Why do I exist?  How do I solve problems –some of which are caused by others?  What power/agency do I have?).


Students and parents have input into literary selections.

We will prepare for the February ACT and March SAT (school-day events for juniors).


We will regularly study grammar and vocabulary.


We will practice research skills.


We will take county Common Assessments in preparation for the NC Final Exam for English III.

Students will be tested on literary and informational texts.


Students were provided the classroom policies on the first day of class.


Students must be present and participating!   This means not absent.  This means hard-working!


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