Course Syllabus

Mrs. Thornton’s 8th grade math syllabus

Contact Information

Amanda Thornton

(704)296-0107 ext. 5740

Room G124




100% Responsibility of your OWN success.


0% Excuses

Head your paper





Upper right hand corner of your paper


Grading Information


89-80%- B

79-70%- C

69-60%- D

59% and below- F


You will earn grades in the following  areas: (All grades are points, not weighted)

§  Quizzes/tests 

§  Homework 

§  Participation 

§  Weekly math 

§  Notes 

Grades will be updated in PowerSchool weekly.



Mandatory supplies

v  3-5 subject spiral notebook with pocket

composition notebook(s)

v  Loose-leaf paper

v  Pencils/erasers

v  Expo markers

v  Colored pencils

v  Ear buds


Wish list supplies

§  Tissues

§  Expo markers

§  7th generation cleaning wipes


Make up policy

It is the responsibility of the student to find out what work was missed if they were absent. Work is posted to my Google calendar as a reference.

Students have two days per day absent to complete work without penalty.

Course Requirements


v  Come prepared to class each day

v  Complete all assignments on time

v  Prepare for quizzes and tests

v  RESPECT for yourselves and others


Math 8

§  Functions

§  Number system

§  Expressions and equations

§  Geometry

§  Statistics and probability

To learn more about these critical areas, please visit the Common Core Standards for Sixth Grade page.


Supply list: (Links to an external site.) new media center remote learning resources



Course Summary:

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