Course Syllabus

Anne Berryhill

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I am very excited to serve as the culture coach at South Providence this school year. What does that mean? It means I have the wonderful opportunity to partner with teachers in order to support and increase student engagement, classroom culture, equity, and school climate. I will work closely with the MTSS team as well.

My position is funded through a grant from the US Department of Education, and I will be with South Providence for 4 years.  

Brief Bio:

  • Grew up in Union County and graduated from Sun Valley High
  • Undergrad at App State and Masters from ECU
  • Starting my 20th year in education 
  • Taught both middle school ELA and social studies
  • Former Technology Facilitator
  • Third year as an Instructional Coach


My Focus Areas

  1. Climate and culture 
    1. Working with teachers to establish and maintain positive culture in their classrooms 
    2. Support school-wide protocols for behavior to reinforce the school culture/climate.
    3. Work closely with administration to develop strategies to improve school/classroom culture.
    4. Focus on establishing/developing relationships with staff (and later with students) to foster trust and a positive learning environment.
  2. MTSS implementation with fidelity 
    1. Focus on increased data collection, analysis, and evaluation (within MTSS team and PLCs)
    2. Coordinate with district MTSS Coordinator to complete all required district MTSS trainings
    3. Focus on improving school culture & climate in support of student academic & behavioral pieces of MTSS
    4. Focus on ensuring an effective enrichment/intervention period
  3. Behavior 
    1. Focus on strategies to reduce bullying  and acts of aggression
    2. Focus on developing school-wide behavioral supports (Safe and Civil Schools)
    3.  Focus on PD for teachers
  4. Substance use/abuse
    1. Focus on PD for teachers 
    2. Support for students (mentors, classes, social workers, etc)
  5. Over-referral of subgroups
    1. Focus on cultural responsiveness, diversity, and equity training
    2. Focus on behavioral supports/interventions (Safe and Civil Schools)


Course Summary:

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