Course Syllabus

Marvin Ridge Fitness Center

Mission:          To motivate students to participate in a regular lifelong personal fitness program and encourage responsible health decisions.


Course:                                   TEAM SPORTS


Instructor:                              Coach Mack


Contact Information:            Marvin Ridge High School 704-290-1520



Course Requirements:          Marvin Ridge PE Uniform


Course Content: Students will be taught basic skills and rules through sport specific drills and exercises, with the end goal of each student being able to participate in each of the sports covered.


Team Sports To Be Covered: Below is a list of sports that may potentially be covered during the semester. The skill level of the class, combined with weather and time of year will play a role in which sports are taught.





Ultimate Frisbee

Frisbee Golf

Team Handball

Kickball, Matt Ball

Backyard Games



  1. Students are expected to dress in their required MRHS Physical Education Uniform daily.
  2. Students are expected to participate daily and to the best of their ability.
  3. Students are expected to display good SPORTSMANSHIP at all times.
  4. Students are expected to follow daily procedures.


Grading Policies: Students will have the opportunity to earn 25 points per day.



Team Sports Daily Point Breakdown:                    750 points per marking period

PE Uniform:  5 points daily for correct PE uniform

Students must wear the required MRHS physical education uniform.  To receive all 5 points, students must wear the complete uniform and appropriate fitness shoes.  Cut off  t-shirts, torn shirts, and athletic MRHS team uniforms will NOT receive credit. 

Participation:   20 point daily for participation

5   points: Warm up and cool down

*Students must be dressed out and in the gym within 10 minutes of attendance being taken or they will lose their 5 points for the warm-up

10 points: Active Participation in Daily activity

                                    5 points: Following procedures

Absences: Students that are absent or miss class for any reason will receive a 0 for the day.

To receive the 25 points for a missed class the student must fill out a P.E. Recovery Form

documenting that they completed at least 20 minutes of physical activity on

their own. The recovery form must be signed by a parent and returned within a week

of the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the P.E. Recovery Form. Forms can be

found in the health classroom or the sports medicine classroom or online.




From the time students enter the gym until they leave class they are expected to display good sportsmanship. Refusing to play or participate, arguing calls with the teacher or other students, nor foul language will not be tolerated.

Consequence: Immediate Loss of 10 points


Unit Assignment                                                        100 points                                                      

For each unit you will be given a written assignment.  You will have the first day of the unit to work on this assignment in the classroom.  This will be done individually and posted on

Group Project                                                           100 points                                                      

During the 3rd grading period of the semester students will work in small groups to teach the class a sport that was not covered during the semester. Groups will have 2 class periods to teach skills and drills, as well as game play. A rubric with grading criteria will be given to the class prior to the assignment. 


Unit Quiz & Exams:             

At the end of a unit students will take either a unit quiz or skill evaluation that will test their knowledge of skills, sport specific rules, and game playing scenarios of the sport that was covered. At the conclusion of the semester students will take a written final exam, as well as a sports based participation exam.



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