Course Syllabus

 Welcome to Introduction to STEM – Design and Modeling

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These skills have been determined to be the skills needed for employment in the 21st Century.  Students in the seventh grade are introduced to STEM Careers using the Project Lead the Way Design and Modeling online curriculum along with other various resources.   This curriculum will use Project and Problem based learning.  Students will be working in groups extensively and will create and sign Guidelines for Group Work, Some grades will be dependent on group work while others will be determined by individual progress.  Students will also sign Safety Regulations and Procedures for the Gateway Classroom before beginning projects in the classroom.   Some grades are determined by group work while others are based on individual progress.


Composition Book

Graphing Composition Book

Pack of Colored Pencils

Laptop (Chromebook)


Wish List:  Tissues, Expo Markers, Permanent Markers

Other Items for Project Building:  Foam, Foam Sheets, Packing Material (Bubble Wrap, etc,), Velcro, Glue (any kind), Coloring Markers, Cardboard, Poster Board, and any other materials that would be good for building projects.

Classroom Procedures: Responsible, Respectful, Prepared, and Safe

All classroom rules with fail under one of these categories. In addition to these guidelines, no food, drink, or gum is allowed in class. We will be using the PBIS system for rewarding good behavior.  If a student does not follow the guidelines, a disciplinary consequence can occur.

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Prepared

Be Safe

- Respect other’s

personal space and property.


- Respond to others  appropriately.


- Actively listen and

participate in class instruction.


- Don’t interrupt  

classmates or teacher.

- Go directly to your assigned area.


- Complete all  

 assigned tasks.


- Clean up your area.


- Take care of school property.

- Arrive with all

Materials, including  


charger, and  



- Arrive with a positive attitude ready to learn.


- Arrive to class and be seated on time.

- Practice self-control in all situations.


- Follow staff

directions and requests.


- Keep your hands and feet to yourself.




  1. Verbal Warning/Problem Solve
  2. Parent Contact (email or phone call)
  3. Parent Conference
  4. Assign Silent Lunch or Training Camp (Contact parent each time.)

*After three Silent Lunches and/or Training Camps an Office Referral is written.

  1. Office Referral

*Written by a teacher resulting in one of the following consequences from administration:

- Saturday School

- In/Out of School Suspension




Your grades will come from the following areas:

  • 40% Classwork including pre-tests, activities (tasks), critical thinking questions, and any other classwork assigned
  • 30% Quizzes
  • 10% Tests
  • 10% Projects
  • 10% Participation


It is important for students to be here every day.  Students should turn in any work missed within two days.  With our curriculum online, students will have access to lessons, critical thinking questions, and quizzes anytime they have Internet connection (including school and home).


There is no reason for students to be tardy to class without a note. Tardies will be treated as a discipline issue.  The first tardy is a warning. Every subsequent tardy will result in a phone call to parent/guardian. The fourth tardy will result in a referral to the office.

Computer Procedures

  1. Do not turn computers on or off unless instructed to do so.
  2. Only access those files or programs to which you have been given permission.
  3. Do not change any settings on the classroom laptop.
  4. Keep your hands on your computer only (helping is not an excuse).

Other Guidelines

  • Seating Chart: There will be a seating chart for both the desks in the room and the desktop computers.  Seating arrangements may change at any time.         
  • Substitutes: If I am absent from class, treat any substitute as a guest in the classroom.  Inappropriate behavior will warrant appropriate discipline up to and including an office referral.
  • In an emergency: First, remain calm and quiet.  I will give you instructions as how to proceed.
  • Visitors and the Intercom: Please be respectful when a visitor comes into the room.  When an announcement is made, please be respectful and quiet.  The information being relayed may concern you.
  • Things that come up: Sometimes things come up that cannot be helped.  Remember that we all need to be flexible and patient.  There may be changes to schedules, rules, procedures, assignments, etc. that will ultimately make your school experience better.

Course Summary:

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