Course Syllabus

English II Honors Syllabus

Instructor: Robert C. Salminen  M.Ed




Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

I look forward to being your guide for your English experience. I know that we can have a successful school year together. PLEASE REMEMBER, YOU HAVE ELECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN AN HONORS CLASS. WITH THIS COMES GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES. Here are some expectations that I have to guide us on our journey:

English I Course Guide

Tutoring: I am available after school on days scheduled unless otherwise noted. I am also available for other weekday times during fourth block by appointment only. Warrior Block, will serve as course remediation and extra practice. As the semester develops and you have any questions or concerns please take advantage of tutoring time to come see me. I am here to help!

Email: I check my email until circa 6-6:30 each night. I will check it again when I return to school.

Course Content: Students in Honors English I will explore several varieties of literature more widely and deeply, including more challenging and/or complete print and non-print texts. The course fosters intellectual curiosity by encouraging students to generate thought-provoking questions and topics and to research diverse sources. We will be reading a series of novels, non-fiction texts, short stories, and poems over the course of the semester.


Honesty: I do not tolerate cheating or plagiarizing in my class. Any variation of cheating or plagiarizing is dishonest and conveys a lack of pride in your abilities. Any attempt at cheating or plagiarizing will result in a zero and a referral to the administration. Please do your own work!

Supplies & Materials:



Required for daily use:

1.) Daily Journal- I am flexible on the type of notebook that you use for this as long as it is bound. Personally, I would suggest a composition book.

2.) 3-Ring binder- each section in your binder should contain loose leaf paper

3.) Pens/ Pencils- At least two different color pens so that one may be used for checking. The checking pen must be red or something besides the generic blue/black. Pencils are required for tests so you should be in the habit of bringing them daily. I ENCOURAGE AT LEAST 2 TYPES OF COLORED HIGHLIGHTERS FOR ANNOTATION.

4,) Your OWN personal agenda to keep track of dates and assignments.

5.) Highlighters and coloring supplies- We will frequently be doing engaging class activities that require coloring skills. For these purposes you will need colored pencils/ markers/ crayons etc of your own to participate.

6.) SAT vocabulary- Each day we will review SAT vocabulary and place the words/definitions in our binders. There are several quizzes during the semester regarding vocabulary. 


Class Rules: 6 P’s


  • Be Present
  • Be Prompt
  • Be PREPARED for class
  • Be Polite
  • Be Productive
  • Be Persistent


Food/ Drinks- I understand that you are hungry, growing people. I accept clear water bottles (try to recycle, I like the Earth) and snacks that will not make noise or cause crumbs. The management reserves the right to ban snacks if they become a distraction.

Electronics- No cell phones or other technological items permitted in class.  They are to be placed in the in-class holder unless specifically told otherwise. 

Clean Up- I strongly believe that a clean and pleasant learning environment will lead to academic and personal success. Please help me in this endeavor by respecting my classroom and cleaning up after yourselves! This includes placing any book back where it belongs- not just under the desk. Prior to leaving the classroom everything must be found exactly as it was left.


Class Beginning and Dismissal- I expect everyone to be in their seats and ready to learn from bell to bell. On this note, class dismissal occurs when I dismiss the class, not necessarily the bell. Do not begin to pack up in anticipation of the bell; this is distracting for the entire class.

Printing Policy- All classrooms work with a limited printer paper supply. Therefore, I will count on YOU to be the wonderfully responsible young adults that I know you are and print copies out at home. I will post a fair amount of assignments on my website:Google Classroom & Canvas. Become familiar with printing things off of the Canvas page! I do realize that technology can be temperamental and sometimes your printers at home may put up a huge fight. If you happen to lose this battle with your printer, then you are responsible for finding a wonderful friend to print off the assignments for you, or utilize the school library before or after school.

E-mail- I do not accept homework via email. The exception to this of course, is if you are absent and wish to receive credit for your work. Also, I cease checking my email at 6-6:30 p.m. each night and will not check it again until the following morning. Please do not inform me you emailed me at 11:30 last night with a question; I was asleep.




In order to do well in this class it is very important to come to school each day. However, I understand that illness or other circumstances do arise. If you miss a day of class it is completely up to you to make up the work. If you know that you will be out I encourage you to see me prior to your absence so that I can give you make-up assignments. Additionally, if you find yourself ridiculously sick for days upon end, please send me an email! Let me know how you are feeling and what makeup work I can email to you. (Because makeup work is all that you want to do when home sick from school... right?!)

Upon returning to school please place work in the absence bin. You will have 3 days from the date of your absence to complete any missed quizzes, tests, or homework. If you fail to make arrangements to make the assignment up within this time, a grade of 0 will be earned. If you are absent when a major assignment is due, I expect it to be turned in immediately upon your arrival.

I understand the life happens. If there is a huge issue, come and speak with me.

Grades & Assessments: The following are all factors calculated into your final grade.


Class Discussion/Participation- This class is very discussion-oriented. Students will be graded on their participation and the quality of their contribution to the class-discussions.

Quizzes- Expect literature, vocabulary, grammar, and pop quizzes throughout the semester.

Tests and Projects- There will be a test at the end of each unit of literature. There will also be random projects throughout each unit.

Written essays- There is a great deal of writing in this class. The essays are expected to be thorough, typed, and turned in on time. Each essay will be assigned a specific rubric for grading.  

PowerSchool and Canvas:  This is a great resource, and I update this as soon as I have an assignment graded.  (Please be patient with essays!)  Please note that PowerSchool will calculate any missing assignment as a zero once I have entered grades for the class.  A blank mark, and subsequently a drastic drop in average, indicates that your child was absent and has yet to make up an assignment.  A zero in the book denotes an assignment that was not turned in at all.  (Note:  Students have five days to make arrangements to make up work after an absence, so if your child has not completed makeup work, I will eventually enter a zero, and that one will be a keeper.)








Academic Policies:

Late Work:  The policies below apply to all courses and teachers within the English Department at Weddington High School.  "Work" is categorized as assignments, homework, class work, projects, essays, and papers.  Please note that the work will be evaluated and reductions assessed after the penalties listed below.  Students are accountable for turning in late work regardless of absences that follow the original due date.

  • Work NOT turned in will result in a zero.


ALL late work must be submitted prior to the first quarterly exam (midterm or final).


Extra Credit:  I prefer that students focus on credit that has been assigned first.  Any extra credit is a bonus and is given to the as a whole class.   I do not give individual extra credit.


The grading scale for English IV is as follows:                                                                            

A 100-90           B 90-80          C 80-70           D 70-60           F below 60









Course Summary:

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