Course Syllabus

Accounting  1 Honors

Mrs. Melissa Nicholas         Piedmont High School          Room K-4


Grades: 9 to 12 This course is designed to help students understand the basic principles of the accounting cycle. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and recording of business transactions, preparation, and interpretation of financial statements, accounting systems, banking and payroll activities, basic types of business ownership, and an accounting career orientation. Mathematics is reinforced.


Canvas and Assignments :  We use Canvas for EVERYTHING!! Assignments are listed in Canvas by date – if you miss school – yes, you need to make it up.  Substitute Assignments are due by the end of class.        
     You will not be able to make these assignments.

Ear buds – Listening to music with ear buds while you work is fine. You cannot use ear buds during lectures or while instructions are given.


This is an honors course expect the rigor to be that of honors course.

Literacy will be a large part of the course.

This course prepares students for college courses which they will take if they choose
a Business major.  Including, but not limited to Operations  Management, Financial Management, Management Information Systems,  Accounting, Business Statistics, Business Ethics and Law, Business Policy and Strategy, Economics, Human Resources Management, International Management, Marketing,
Entrepreneurial Studies, Management Science, Public Administration, Advertising, Public Relations Managers, Medical and Health Services Managers. 

Every industry utilizes Accounting. 

You need your Chrome Book EVERYDAY!  Pencils (lots), eraser, calculator, four 3 prong folders. Please have these items by Friday Aug 30th. 

Movies and television shows are sometimes part of the learning process in Accounting.  “The Founder” “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”, Shark Tank, The Profit, and “Joy”.

I truly hope your child enjoys this course.  Submitting assignments on time is essential. We will utilizes multiple 21st Century Skills such as critical thinking, application of new knowledge, creativity, collaboration, initiative, productivity and technology literacy.

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Please note the information below is not a compressive list of assignments for this course.

Please ask your student to show you the current week in Canvas.

This will allow you to see all current assignments for the course.











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