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Every Monday, from 9 AM to 10 AM I will be available for emails, Canvas Conference, and any questions you may have.   

Every Wednesday, we will have a class check-in from 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM. 

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Homework will be checked daily.  Students must SHOW WORK to receive full credit.  Occasionally homework assignments will be collected for an accuracy grade.  Homework turned in within 24 hours of the time due earns half credit. 

Weekly Math: 

Weekly math is assigned every Wednesday and due the following Wednesday. Weekly Math without student work on paper will not receive any credit.  Every day LATE that a student does not turn in their Weekly Math it will be deducted 10 points.

(Examples:  If a student turns in Weekly Math on Thursday the highest score possible is a 90, Friday the highest score possible is an 80, etc. )

Make-up Work:

All absent students have 3 days to complete missing work or it will be late.  Check the "Make-up Work" folders for your assignments. 

Please continue to check Canvas for updates on homework and assignments.  PowerSchool will contain their updated grades.  Please email me at if you have any questions or concerns.


IXLs on Topic: 7th Grade W.16-20 to 90%

Week of

March 2-6

Classwork Homework

Transverse Angles Notes & Vocabulary

Quizlet Practice

Fix Babble Worksheet on the left side of ESPN


Triangle Inequality Theorem Notes & Practice Questions

Canvas Assignment= Triangle Inequality Theorem 2020

HW Practice 1-15 on the lefts side of ESPN

Weekly Math #21 due @ 8:45 AM @ 3/4



Weekly Math #22 due @ 8:45 on 3/11

Transversal Math Lib 

Triangle Inequality Task Cards

Quiz tomorrow!  Study Session with Mrs. Kinney @ 8 AM


Quiz today!


IXLs on Topic: 7th Grade W.16 & W.17

Week of

February 24-28

Classwork Homework
Monday NC Check-In

IXL 4th Grade Z.1 to 100%

IXL 7th Grade W.2 to 90%


Angle Notes & Practice Question

Open Note Quiz on Functions, Slope, and Intercept

Angle Practice Worksheet on Page. 109

Weekly Math 20 due tomorrow at 8:45 AM


Angles & Triangles with Variables Notes

Stations on Canvas

Stations due tomorrow

Weekly Math #21 due @ 8:45 AM @ 3/4


Finish Stations in Class

Review Angle Practice with Independent Stations

"How do you put a baby astronaut to sleep?" Worksheet

Quiz tomorrow. Review Session with Mrs. Kinney at 8 AM


Quiz on Angles & Triangles



IXLs on Topic: 7th Grade V.1, V.2, V.4, V.5, V.7

Week of

February 18-21

Classwork Homework




Finding Slope Worksheet 

Weekly Math 19 due tomorrow at 8:45 AM


Functions vs. Not Function Notes & Card Sort

Linear vs. Nonlinear Notes & IXL V.7 to 90%

Functions Review Worksheet

Weekly Math #20 due @ 8:45 AM @ 2/26


Early Release Day due to Inclement Weather

Review of Functions and Linear

Quizizz Practice (32 Questions)

IXL Checklist of skills V.1, V.2, V.4, V.5, & V.7 to 90%

Review of Functions and Linear Questions 1-19

*Bring Charger and Computer for Math NC Check-In tomorrow!*




Week of

February 10-14

Classwork Homework
Monday Unit Test today! 

Two-Step Inequalities Heart Puzzle Practice due tomorrow 

**Deadline extended: IXL 7th Grade T.2-6 due Wednesday!**


Slope with Slope Dude!

Identifying the Slope of a Graphy (Negative, Positive, Zero, or Undefined)

Finding Slope of a Graph Worksheet Front and Back

Weekly Math 18 due tomorrow at 8:45 AM


Finding Slope with two coordinate points.

Quizizz Practice 

Practice Problems

Maze Worksheet due tomorrow

Weekly Math #19 due @ 8:45 AM @ 2/19


Club Day

Slope Intercept Form Notes & Practice 

Worksheet 1-9 on front AND back!

X & Y-intercept Notes 

Pop Quiz/Check up on Finding Slope with 2 coordinates

Stations around the room 

Worksheet Practice

Finish all classwork (Quiz on Tuesday)


Week of

February 3-7

Classwork Homework

Two-step Inequalities

Math Lib Around the Room

Complete all class practice questions.

Worksheet Circuit

Facing Math due tomorrow!


Notes on Word Problems

Inequality Word Problems Worksheet

Complete classwork & 1-9 Review Worksheet

Weekly Math 17 due tomorrow at 8:45 AM


Creating Inequalities from Word Problems

Practice with Partner Puzzle.

Study Guide due tomorrow

Study Guide due tomorrow!

Weekly Math #18 due @ 8:45 AM @ 2/12


Review day- Study Guide Answers

Quizizz with whiteboards

Mix and Match Review

IXL Section T. 2-6 to 90%

Test tomorrow!


No School!

Unit Test moved to Monday!




Week of

January 27-31

Classwork Homework

Graphing Inequalities & Mixed Review

Practice Questions 1-24

Quizizz Review

Complete all class practice questions.

Worksheet 1-21

Mystery Picture Graph due tomorrow!


Solving Inequalities with Addition and Subtraction

Notes, Word Problems, and Practice Problems.

Worksheet 1-21

Weekly Math 16 due tomorrow at 8:45 AM


Multiplying and Dividing to solve one-step inequalities. 

Notes & Practice Problems


Practice Problems 1-6, 11-18, 23-27

Weekly Math #17 due @ 8:45 AM @ 2/5


Review day

Puzzle Practice with a partner

1-10 Review Questions

Quiz tomorrow!


Quiz today!

Facing Math Worksheet due Tuesday



Week of

January 20-24

Classwork Homework

MLK Jr. Day- No School



Teacher Workday

Weekly Math 15 due tomorrow at 8:45 AM


Input/Output Function Notes, Matching Activity, and IXL U.1 to 90%

Practice Questions 1-12

Weekly Math #16 due @ 8:45 AM @ 1/29


Review for Test tomorrow:

Study Guide

Vocabulary Check Up


Complete Study Guide & Real World Problem ?s

Test tomorrow! Study Session @ 8 AM with Mrs. Kinney!


Unit Test today!

Mystery Picture Graph due Tuesday



Week of

January 6-10

Classwork Homework

Writing Equations From Word Problems (One Step)

*Notes & Practice

Worksheet 1-5 Must show ALL work!

IXL S.2 to 90%


Writing Equations from Word Problems (Two Step)

*Notes & 1-10 Practice Problems

Writing Equation Task Cards (Two Step) 

Complete classwork/Canvas assignment

Writing Equations Worksheet 1-4

Weekly Math 14 due tomorrow at 8:45 AM


Review Unit Test from Friday & make corrections

Writing Equations from Word Problems (Multi-Step)

Canvas- Equation Word Problem Matching Challenge

Study & Sleep- NCFE tomorrow!

Weekly Math #15 due @ 8:45 AM @ 1/22


NCFE Exam today!

Task Card Review

Quiz tomorrow!


Quiz today!

Complete practice problems in your notebook

Penguin Paper (4 Tables to complete and Graph)


Week of

January 6-10

Classwork Homework

Solving Multi-Step Equations Notes & Partner Practice Questions 1-12

Worksheet 1-10 Must show ALL work!


Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Equation Practice 

Task Cards Around the Room

Complete Task Cards from Class- MUST SHOW ALL WORK!


Writing & Solving Equations Notes


Study Guide with Partner for Unit Test on Friday

Complete 42 Question Study Guide due tomorrow!

Weekly Math #14 due @ 8:45 AM @ 1/15


Review for Unit Test tomorrow:

  • Study Guide Answers
  • Equation Relay Race
  • Partner Practice
  • Circuit 1-10

Complete ALL classwork &
HW Practice Worksheet 1-10


Test tomorrow!


Unit Test today!

Mural Math: Follow Directions on the worksheet

Week of December 16-20 Classwork Homework

Notes on  One-Step Equations 


One Step Equation Worksheet

1st Block- Evens

2nd Block- All

5th Block- Odds


Two-Step Equations Notes & Practice Questions

Math Maze


Finish the Maze & Worksheet 1-12 SHOW ALL WORK!

Weekly Math 13 due tomorrow! Must have shown ALL work to receive full credit.


Two-Step Partner Practice Worksheet 1-14

Who Dunnit? Hallway Activity

Complete Who Dunnit? Worksheet


Quiz today on Equations and Expressions

IXL 7th Grade S.5, S.6, S.8 to 90%





Holiday Warm Up ?s

Two Step Equation Puzzle

Have a great winter break!


Week of December 9-13 Classwork Homework
Monday Notes on Translating Algebraic Expressions and Practice of Combining Like Terms

Combining Like Term Task Cards


Combining Like Terms with Distributive Property Notes 

Mad Lib Practice- SHOW ALL WORK!

Complete Math Lib 1-10 due tomorrow

Weekly Math 12 due tomorrow! Must have shown ALL work to receive full credit.


Footprint Practice Worksheet  Questions 1-20

Review Task Cards for Quiz on Friday!

Weekly Math 13 due next Wednesday!

Field Trip to the Butterfly Project



Club Day/Hour of Code


Have a great weekend!


Week of December 2- 6 Classwork Homework

Direct Variation Notes & Practice ESPN pages 63 & 64



Direct Variation Worksheet 1-14

IXL 7th Grade K.1 & K.2 to 90% due Friday


Review of Direct Variation HW 

Start proportional reasoning partner check up!



Complete Proportional Reasoning Partner Work

Enter answers into Canvas!

Begin Study Guide

Complete Study Guide for review questions tomorrow.  

Review of study guide and questions for test tomorrow!

Task Cards Around the room

Study for Unit Test tomorrow.

Study Session in Mrs. Kinney's Room at 8 AM

Friday Unit Test (Scale, Scale Factor, & Proportional Relationships)


Week of November 11/25-26 Classwork Homework


Scale Drawing Project: Worksheet with Chart- Completing Part 1 of directions.


Complete Work Chart so it is ready for peer check in class tomorrow!




Scale Drawing Project: Peer Check & Part 2 of the project.

If you did not finish your Scale Drawing Project please bring it back the Monday we return.

**Get your report card signed to return!


No School

Thursday Happy Thanksgiving!


Friday No School
Week of September 9-13 Classwork Homework

-Exponent Rules (Page 10)

-Exponent Law Discovery with Partner (Page 9)

-Complete Pages 9 & 10 

-Weekly Math 1 due Wednesday

Quizlet Practice of Vocabulary


-Review of Exponent Rules & Negative Exponents (Page 9)

-Evaluating Negative Exponents

-Scavenger Hunt Around the Room


-Continue studying Exponent Rules

-Weekly Math 1 due tomorrow!

-"I LOVE EXPONENTS" Worksheet due tomorrow!


-Weekly Math 2

-Simplifying Algebraic Expressions and Equations

-Practice Problems

-Weekly Math 2 due next Wednesday

-Simplifying Alg. Exp. Worksheet with coloring!




Week of September 2-6 Classwork Homework

Labor Day (NO SCHOOL)

Multiplying & Dividing Decimal 1-8 Classwork/Homework from Friday


-Mixed Practice of Decimals

-Scoot Problems Around the Room (Numbers only)

-Circuit Around the Room (Word Problems with partner)

-Complete classwork Circuit around the Room

-Quiz tomorrow on decimals & word problems


-Quiz on Decimal Operations & Word Problems

-Adding & Subtracting Fractions Notes

-Adding & Subtracting Partner Practice Worksheet

-Weekly Math 1 due next Wednesday (Free check on Tuesday in Study Hall- must have turned into Weekly Math Basket by 8 AM for ONE free check on Tuesday)

-Independent Practice: Adding and Subtracting Fraction Worksheet due tomorrow!


-Multiply and Divide Fractions Notes

-Tic, Tac, Toe Practice with Partner


- IXL 7th Grade G.1 to 90%

-Weekly Math 1 due Wednesday



-Quizizz Live: Team Practice

-Review Worksheet 

-IXL Practice 7th Grade G.4 & G.16 to 90%


-Weekly Math 1 due Wednesday!


Week of August 26 - 30 Classwork Homework

- Syllabus and procedures

- Find the Fib

-Bring graphing composition notebook to class tomorrow!

-Get all required papers in packet signed and returned.


- Math of Me Activity

- Group number activity

- Set up notebooks

- Growth Mindset videos and discussions

-Charge Chromebook for Assessment tomorrow!

-Get syllabus in ESPN signed (this is for a grade!)



-Diagnostic Assessment on Canvas

-Design a cover/goals for ESPN

- Syllabus & Student Scavenger Hunt

-Adding & Subtracting Decimal Notes

-Practice Problems 1-10 on Page.1 of your notebook

-ESPN Cover and Goals due tomorrow!


-Multiplying & Dividing Decimal Notes

-Scavenger Hunt Practice Problems

-Complete and study steps to multiplying and dividing decimals

(Quiz on decimals rules will be on Wednesday!)


IXLs on Topic: Geometry S.2, 3, 4 & 7  to 80% due Friday 3/13

Week of

March 9-13

Classwork Homework

Area & perimeter of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, & trapezoids notes.

Area & perimeter task cards with a partner

Complete classwork & HW Practice 1-12


*Finding the missing side notes

*Solving the area of irregular figures notes

*MATH LIB with a partner

Complete classwork & HW Practice Questions 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, & 10

Weekly Math #22 due @ 8:45 on 3/11


Quizlet Vocabulary Review

3-2-1 Questions with Partner

Area of Composite Shapes Worksheet 1-10

Weekly Math #23 due @ 8:45 on 3/18


Pop Quiz!

Review Day:

Study Guide

Complete IXLs (due tomorrow)

Test tomorrow!  Study Session Friday with Mr. Vreeland @ 8 AM


Unit Test today!




Tutoring will be offered FRIDAY before school in my classroom from 8:00 to 8:30 AM

Course Summary:

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