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Conway 7th Science
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Review Activities





Student Cell Model


Polygon Medical Animation - Digestive System

Body Systems



Johnny Benson

Force and Motion


My name is Chris Conway and I have taken over for Mr. Salisbury for the semester. Listed below are the topics your child has learned about or will learn for the remainder of the year. I will leave updates on what students need to accomplish in the event school is closed for an extended period of time. I can be reached at 


  • Weather and atmosphere
  • Cells
  • Body systems
  • Genetics
  • Force and Motion
  • Energy
  • Simple Machines                                                           

Course Description and Course Goals

  • Earth Systems, Structures and Processes- students will explore the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere, water cycle, fronts, and pressure systems to see how they are all dependent and related to each other.
  • Structures and Functions of Living Organisms- students will discover and investigate the makeup of a cell, the different organelles of both an animal and plant cell. They will discover the many systems of our body and how they work together to keep a living organism alive. 
  • Evolution and Genetics- Students will explore how we get our genes. They will test and investigate how everyone gets certain traits on how we look and act.  They will learn about genetic diseases and what causes them.
  • Forces and Motion- Students will conduct labs on how force and motion are related. How to calculate speed, and the severity of car crashes, as well as trying to design a roller coaster.
  • Energy- students will understand and see the many different types of energy sources we use and how they are either renewable or nonrenewable.

Course Summary:

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