Course Syllabus

HealthPhysical Education Syllabus 2015-16.ppt

Advanced Physical Education

Fit for Life

Course Syllabus 2015-16


Instructor Information:

            Instructor:  Ms. Ireland

                    B.S. Elon College; M.A. Appalachian State University

                    NBPT Certified 2001 - 2022

            Block:  4th


            Class meets in:  Gym

            Times Available to See Parents/Receive Calls:  Before school or after 3:04


            School Phone:  704-296-3130

            Tutoring:  Tutoring will be available before or after school when requested by the student.

            Office Location:  Weightroom Office

  Credit Awarded: 1 Elective Unit

Course Description:   Fit for Life is an elective advanced physical education course designed to expand on the student’s knowledge and skills obtained in the state required physical education course.  The emphasis is on understanding concepts and improving the student’s level of fitness through a variety of exercise and conditioning programs as well as sport activities.  It is one which will require a high level of activity and physical effort during the entire class period on a daily basis throughout the semester.  In this course your grade will be based on your daily effort, the extent to which you improve your level of fitness in all five components of fitness, and understanding and applying cognitive concepts of fitness.


Course InformationStudents will gain knowledge and understanding of the effects of various fitness programs on the human body(muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and body composition).  This course will also enhance the student’s knowledge of fitness nutrition, stress management and healthy lifestyle habits.  Students WILL be required to dress out in PE appropriate clothes every day.  Through daily participation in aerobics/fitness programs, students will experience how such activities can enhance their lives by improving their physical as well as their mental health.  It is the goal of the instructor to help the students gain an appreciation for this knowledge and utilize it to live long, healthy, and productive lives.  Student growth in physical fitness and cognitive content will be assessed periodically throughout the semester. 

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