Course Syllabus

Welcome to Mr. Faulk’s class.  This year we will investigate a number of topics listed below.   The curriculum we use is SEPUP.  SEPUP is lab based activities to try an engage your scholar.  At Health Science Academy at Monroe Middle School we practice the B4’s and CHAMPS.  Our B4’s are Be Prepared, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.  Our CHAMPS strategy help students understand our expectations throughout the day. 


  • Weather and Atmosphere
  • Cell Biology and Disease
  • Body systems
  • Genetics
  • Force and Motion
  • Energy
  • Simple Machines


Contact Information:

Jerron Faulk



Course Description and Course Goals

  • Earth Systems, Structures and Processes- students will explore the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere, water cycle, fronts, and pressure systems to see how they are all dependent and related to each other.
  • Structures and Functions of Living Organisms- students will discover and investigate the makeup of a cell, the different organelles of both an animal and plant cell. They will discover the many systems of our body and how they work together to keep a living organism alive. 
  • Evolution and Genetics- Students will explore how we get our genes. They will test and investigate how everyone gets certain traits on how we look and act.  They will learn about genetic diseases and what causes them.
  • Forces and Motion- Students will conduct labs on how force and motion are related. How to calculate speed, and the severity of car crashes, as well as trying to design a roller coaster.
  • Energy- students will understand and see the many different types of energy sources we use and how they are either renewable or nonrenewable.


Texts, Materials, and Websites


  • 50% class work
  • 50% quizzes and test

Grades for this course will be determined through a number of assignments. I recognize that different kinds of assignments feed into the strengths of different students, and I work to provide a range of opportunities for you to show what you’ve learned.


Assignments & Homework

  • Most of our assignments are classwork and are to be done in class. I allow students time to finish in class, however, if they do not finish in class they are to finish it for homework.

Course Summary:

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