Course Syllabus

Medical Spanish Syllabus


Teacher: Mrs. Richardson


Course Description


Rationale: Spanish Medical is an exploratory course created to introduce students to simple phases in Spanish that could be used in a medical setting, especially by paramedics, EMTs, nurses, doctors or firefighters dealing with medical situations, this is a six-week course. This course is a exploratory class that has a proficiency level of Novice low according to the North Carolina Essential Standards for World Languages that bases their proficiency expectations on the national ACTFL world language readiness standards.


Course Goal.- The goal of this course is to expose the children to learning a new language, the skills needed for learning a new language and the excitement of learning a new language, and the world that opens up to someone who is interested in learning a new language. The language goal of this course focus on listening, comprehension, and speaking in the medical field.


Assessment.- There will be an assessment at the end of every. Each unit is named after an emergency scenario, (Presentational Communication Standard 3 in North Carolina), also participation

Course Summary:

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