Course Syllabus

Spanish I Syllabus

Teacher: Mrs. Richardson

School Phone: 704-296-3120


Course Description

Rationale: Spanish is a particularly useful language in the world today. More than 330 million people worldwide speak Spanish as their native language, making it the third most widely spoken language in the world. It is the second most frequently spoken language in the United States.

The US with approximately 35 million native Spanish Speakers, has the fifth largest Spanish Speaking population on the world. Given these statistic, the study of the Spanish languages takes on a new usefulness and practicality. Spanish is a language the students can use, close to home and abroad.

The goal of Spanish I is to begin (or continue, if the students has had some exposure to the language) the student’s path to creative expression in authentic Spanish. The aim is not merely that the students knows the correct grammar and vocabulary, but that she/he is able to employ them in creative, self-generated oral and written situations, in such a way that a native speaker would understand her/him.El estudio del idioma español es muy beneficioso , abre las puertas de comunicación con mucha gente en todo el mundo. Los estudiantes aprenden la Cultura Latina, el estudio de aprender otro idioma a menudo ayuda al estudiante a entender mejor la gramática  de su propio idioma. El éxito del Español I es que el estudiante este expuesto a conversar en dicho idioma en el salón de clase. No se espera que el estudiante sepa correctamente la gramática y el vocabulario pero que sea capaz de emplear cierto vocabulario y gramática en situaciones orales y escritas. El objectivo del español I es que al final del curso el estudiante pueda ser capaz de hablar, escribir, leer y entender. Así podrá conocer nuevas amistades , hablar por teléfono en español  y describir personas etc..


By the end of the course, the students will:

  • Be able to speak, write and read and understand Spanish in simple, everyday circumstances such as Greeting people , describing  people, What I like to do in my free time, talking about things he/she needs, wants, or likes to do, talking about the weather, ask for the time, culture information about the school ( I can say what time I arrive at and leave school), class schedule , where do I go to get things (in my community)?, understand where things happen in my community, clothing and food items.
  • Be able to form and recognize the Subject Pronouns, Adjectives, negatives, definitive and Indefinite articles, possessive adjectives, present tense of verbs, and forming questions.
  • Develop an appreciation for richness of the Spanish and Hispanic Cultures.





Course Description and Methodology

Lessons are organized around real- world, meaningful activities such as those noted above in the first objective, and incorporate cultural information where appropriate. Spanish I employ a wide variety of instructional activities designed to meet the stated communication objectives. Listen and Comprehension skills are practiced via the use of audiotapes and videotapes featuring native speakers, teacher led activities and the use of Spanish in the classroom.  Speaking abilities are develop through “warm up” conversations, oral class responses, and pair and group work. Reading skills are target with a text book and outside materials, as well as open- ended writing assignments and projects. In addition to the text book and workbook, students will be exposed to variety of “ real world” written and oral material- literacy excerpts, newspaper, magazines articles, children’s books ,etc, which will be activities from the text book series.


Students’ grades will be based upon:

        1.- Quizzes , Oral presentation, Test .-    40%

        2.-Performance Learning Objectives (classwork, participation) 40%

        3.-Homework 10%


Course Summary:

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