Course Syllabus



Instructor:  Mr. Schulz


Theater will introduce students to the various aspects of theater.  These will include theater geography, technical elements, theater history, and performance.  Students will work as individuals and in groups. This is a performance based class, and students are expected to perform.



Students will be familiar with theater history.

Students will perform before an audience.

Students will understand stage layout.

Students will work on the craft of becoming performers.

Students will explore various aspects of technical theater.


Regular attendance is required.  Since this is performance based class, daily grades in performance will be given.  A performance based class requires total focus and participation.  The inappropriate use of cellphones/tablets will result in an immediate grade deduction for that day.

Quizzes and tests should be expected, but they may be performance based rather than written.

A research presentation on theater will be required.

Students will be expected to attend and critique a live performance either at Parkwood or another venue.  Movies are not acceptable.  Students must submit a program with their critique.


Participation: 30%

Homework: 5%

Research and presentation: 40%

Quizzes: 25%


Course Summary:

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