Course Syllabus

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Instructor Name: Mr. Kitchen                                    

Office Phone:  704-296-3130 Ext.3745                

Instructor e-mail:

Course Title:    Electrical Level I    

Program Area: Construction                                    

Career Cluster: Architecture and Construction

Link to student handbook: Student Handbook        


Students in this course have the opportunity to join SkillsUSA.   SkillsUSA is the largest Career and Technical Student Organization in the United States, with more than 300,000 members nationally. Students have the opportunity to participate in local regional competitions showcasing their skills learned in Trade and Industry courses.

Course Goal/Description

This course covers the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Electrical Level I certification modules required for all of the NCCER curriculum-area programs, and an additional green module. The course content includes: orientation to the electrical trade, electrical safety, introduction to electrical circuits, electrical theory, introduction to the National Electrical Code, device boxes, hand bending, and raceways and fittings. The additional Green module, Weatherization, has been added to introduce students to the economic and environmental effects of the inefficient use of energy in heating and cooling structures. Also it will help students better understand their personal impacts on the environment.



Mathematics, geometry and trigonometry are reinforced. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include apprenticeship, cooperative education, internship, and job shadowing. SkillsUSA competitive events, community service, and leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic experiences.


Prerequisite: Core and Sustainable Construction

Textbook(s): Electrical Level I

Materials Needed: Pencil, paper, highlighters 

Class Expectations

  1. Be prompt.
  2. Be respectful.
  3. Be positive.
  4. Be accountable for actions.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Course Outline–

26101-11 Orientation to the Electrical Trade

26102-11 Electrical Safety

26103-11 Introduction to Electrical Circuits

26104-11 Electrical Theory

26105-11 Introduction to the National Electrical Code

26106-11 Devices Boxes

26107-11 Hand Bending

26108-11 Raceways and Fittings

59101-10 Introduction to Weatherization

Course Credential:

NCCER: Electrical Level I

NCCER: Introduction to Weatherization

NC Community College Articulation Agreement:

Local Articulation Agreement with South Piedmont Community College

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is an important factor in student performance. Please refer to the student handbook for information in regards to excused and unexcused absences.

Missed Assignments:

Students who are absent are responsible for making up any missed work within 4 days of returning to class. Students can access missed assignments on the Edmodo site once he/she returns to school. Assignments are also available upon request by student, parent, Special Populations Coordinator, and or Principal.

Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be in class when bell rings. They will enter class and immediately start working on the warm-up activity posted. When tardy, student will be required to sign in on a sign in sheet.

                                    Consequences for being tardy:

                                    1st offense: Teacher warning

                                    2nd offense: Parent contact

                                    3rd offense: Written referral


Discipline Policy: Please refer to The Student Handbook


Course Summary:

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