Course Syllabus


 COURSE:   Team Sports I

PERIOD:   II (9:50 a.m. – 11:20 a.m.)

INSTRUCTOR:   Coach Atkins

DESCRIPTION:   Team Sports I is a physical education course that allows students to develop health and exercise while learning the skills, rules, and strategy of team-based sports.  Students will also learn teamwork and sportsmanship through the various sports that are rotated about every 2 weeks.  More details can be found at the NCDPI website.

GRADING:   Weighted Average System:  A student’s grade comes from three categories, which are averaged separately, and weighted equally.  For the final course grade, each term counts 25% and the cumulative, teacher-made, exemptable final exam counts as the remaining 25%.

REQUIREMENTS:   Participation (50%):  Instruction, skills sessions, and game play are graded as participation with the criteria of effort and following directions with a positive attitude.  Students who fail to attempt skills properly, do not follow directions, or do not give effort will lose participation points for that day at the following rate:  30 points for 1st and 2nd offense and 40 points for 3rd offense.  If a student is sick/injured, they should provide the instructor with an excuse note, written by a doctor, PA, nurse, or trainer.  An injury/illness serious enough to prevent a student from participating, will also be considered serious enough for that student to see a medical professional.  Students who are injured/sick and present for class will be exempt from grading as long as they follow the instructor’s directions, but may not use electronic devices or engage in activities that are not related to this Team Sports course.  Each participation grade is calculated as the average of approximately 5 class periods.

Quizzes/Reports (20%):  Every week, students will take a skills and/or rules quiz and/or complete an assigned, one-page summary report.  Reports will be a student’s own summary of either the description,  skills, strategies, or rules of the assigned sport. 

Dressing Out (30%):  Students are expected to be dressed in a manner that provides safety and freedom of movement.  Dressing out includes wearing proper athletic clothing and shoes that also meet the school’s dress code (no jeans, cargo shorts, soffes, tank tops, button-up shirts, crocs, sandals, boots, etc.).  Students must be completely and properly dressed out to receive credit for the day.  No partial credit is given if a student is not dressed out completely; however, at the discretion of the instructor, the student may be allowed to participate that day to earn partial participation credit.  Lockers are provided and students are asked to bring and use locks.  Phones/electronics, ear buds, jewelry, and anything else that may be considered a safety hazard must be left in the locker room or given to the instructor to lock up.  Failure to remove electronic items and jewelry constitutes not being dressed out completely.  Should a student fail to dress out three times in a semester, that students will be sent to ISS for that class period to complete a 500-word writing assignment.  Each dressing out grade is calculated as the average of approximately 5 class periods.

MATERIALS:   Students must wear school-appropriate athletic/workout clothes as listed on the course handout.  Phones, electronics, headphones, earbuds, etc. are NOT allowed to be with the student during class.  Jewelry should be removed for safety reasons.  Paper and pen/pencil is required for taking quizzes.

EXPECTATIONS:   Students are expected to follow directions, give effort, and be respectful and considerate of others.  They should act responsibly and use “common” sense.  Students must be ready for class each day when attendance/dress check is done, using the bathroom and getting drinks only at approved/designated times.  All students must focus attention during instruction, participate in activities, answer questions when called upon, and ask questions when necessary.  All classroom interruptions must be reserved for true emergencies only!

If absent from class, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor, find out what was missed, and arrange to make up any missed assignments.  Attendance and punctuality are vital to the student’s success in school; students may only miss 15 minutes of the class period to avoid being counted absent.  Students are expected to follow NC, UCPS, PWHS, and classroom rules and policies.

COMMUNICATION:   It is vital that students contact the instructor whenever any difficulty arises.  The best methods of personal contact are seeing the instructor before/after class or via e-mail (

DISCIPLINE:   Should students fail to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, consequences will be administered to correct the problem.  These consequences, based on the severity and frequency of the problem, may consist of student conferences, parent contacts, or parent conferences and may result in administrative write-ups.

MISCELLANEOUS:   Students should refer to the 2019-2020 Parkwood High School Student Handbook for any questions regarding school rules, dress code, etc. 

Attached is the information handout that was provided to the students on the first day of class:

PE Rules.pdf

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