Course Syllabus







Unit 1: Transformations

Unit 2: Triangle congruence and similarity

Unit 3: Quadratics

Unit 4 Radicals and Inverse Functions

Unit 5: Right Triangles & Trig

Unit 6: Probability


I have certain expectations of your behavior so that everyone has the opportunity to learn. These expectations are as follows:

  1. 1. Come to class on time, prepared, and ready to learn.
  2. Hold classroom interruptions to a minimum
  3. 3. Participate in all class activities           
  4. 4. Respect yourself, others, and property


You alone are responsible for your behavior in class. If you cannot abide by the expectations of this class, then you can expect the following consequences:

  1. Verbal Warning – unless the seriousness of the violation warrants further action
  2. Parent Contact
  3. Office Referral 

All severe disruptions will result in automatic ISS and an office referral.



Grades will be calculated on the point system.  Grades will consist of tests, quizzes, and assignments (Classwork/homework/group).  Assignments will be given daily and students will not succeed if they do not complete the assignments.  An assignment may be graded for accuracy or completion.  You must show all work in order to receive credit for an assignment. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what notes and assignments you have missed and make up the work.  According to the school attendance policy, you have two days to make up the work missed for each day absent.  Quizzes are usually unannounced. Tests are announced several days in advance on the agenda board in the classroom. 



TUTORING will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday: 3:30-4:00 pm 



Due to a limited supply of calculators, I am recommending that each student purchase his/her own calculator. Students’ work can be more consistent between school and home if they own their own calculators. Most models of Texas Instruments graphing calculators are upgradeable, so you can use them from high school through college. Graphing calculators are permitted and even required on the SAT, AP Exams, and EOC math tests. I recommend students purchase a TI-84 Plus OR Silver. If you already have a TI-83, it will be sufficient it just will not have enough memory to hold some of the available upgrades.  If there is a financial concern, please let me know so other arrangements can be made. Please plan to have the calculator purchased as soon as possible. They are needed every day beginning with the first day of class.



The door will be locked and shut when the tardy bell rings. Any student that is tardy (arriving after the door is shut) must go to the J Building to get a pass back to class.


SIGN IN/SIGN OUT AND PASSES (Restroom and other)

If a student exits or enters the room at any time other than the change of classes, he/she must sign in or out. Restroom passes are limited to 5 minutes. 


If you would like to contact me, my email address is JENNIFER.THOMAS@UCPS.K12.NC.US The school phone number is 704-753-2810.


Course Summary:

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