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Physical Education

Health Sciences Academy at Monroe Middle School


This year in Physical Education Class (often just called PE or Gym Class) you will play popular sports like soccer and basketball, other sports like lacrosse and ultimate Frisbee, along with games like capture the flag, castle ball, kick ball, and Omnikin. You will also run a quarter mile lap at least once a week. All of our activities are designed to help students learn skills and rules while also learning about health and physical fitness. 


Students are expected to be ready for PE class each day.  We do not change clothes or dress out for PE, but students are required to wear appropriate shoes and clothing each day.  Students are not allowed to sit out of activities for fear of creasing their shoes, getting their shoes dirty, or any other reason without a note from a doctor.  Students are expected to arrive at and leave PE class in dress code. 


Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class each day, but access to water bottles will be limited in the gym for safety reasons.  All gum, candy, water, food, and drinks must be put away in the gym. 


No phones or other electronic devices are to be used during PE class.  Please keep all phones, headphones, and computers put away at all times.  We may use computers for a class activity from time to time.  This will be announced ahead of time. 


This year’s Physical Education teachers are:

          Mr. Cunningham

          Mr. Ray

          Mr. Shea

          Mr. Varney


We are all looking forward to a great year in the gym. 


Here are some typical weeks in Physical Education Class

Week #1


          Run Weekly Lap

          Basketball Skills and Drills


          Knockout and Basketball Tournaments


          Capture the Flag

Week #2


          Run Weekly Lap



          Ultimate Frisbee


          Sideline Basketball

Week #3


          Run Weekly Lap

Soccer Skills and Drills


          Soccer Shootout

          Soccer Tournament


          Castle Ball


Check out our Grading Rubric on the next page.


Students earn two grades per week in gym class.  One grade is based on the performance and progress of their weekly lap, and one grade is based on the physical education grading rubric.  Students are reminded how grades are earned at the beginning of each term and throughout each term.

Physical Education Grading Rubric

Score                     Effort                                                        Participation                          Attitude

PE Grading Rubric


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