Course Syllabus

Mr. Kopcznski's Grade 6 Language Arts


Deep Study of Character (5 weeks)

This unit serves as a primer in what it means to participate in an intense reading workshop. It introduces students to a variety of instructional methods such as read-aloud, partner work, and mini-lessons, and coaches both teachers and students in how to harness those methods to increase reading expertise and independence.

Students will learn to consider more complex character traits, to investigate how setting shapes characters, and to analyze how characters are vehicles for themes. The unit also helps readers take more charge of their reading lives and engages students with close reading, gathering text evidence, and weighing and evaluating multiple theories about complex characters.


Personal Narrative (4 weeks)

Students will draw on their lives, learning strategies to generate meaningful story ideas, manage pace, elaborate on important scenes, and deepen insights. This unit especially emphasizes the importance of setting goals, practicing strategically, and aiming for high productivity.

Course Summary:

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