Course Syllabus

Image result for books imagesWelcome to 7th  Grade Language Arts

Patricia Giblin  - Seventh Grade Language Arts

I have been teaching at Monroe Middle for the last 15 years. I have taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade Language Arts.

This year , as a class, we will be focusing on reading self selected novels and being able to respond to their reading.

Pacing Guide 2019-2020

Reading Literature             8/26 to 11/8

Narrative Unit 11 Weeks

Informational  9 weeks                11/12 to 2/7

Reading Informational Texts  (5 weeks)

The Art of Argument Writing Unit (4 weeks)

Synthesizing across the year 

8 weeks               2/10 to 4/8

Historical Fiction Book Clubs (4 weeks)

Writing About Reading: From Reader’s Notebooks to Companion Books (4 weeks)

Poetry               4/20 to 5/1    2 weeks

Analyzing Poetry

2 weeks                        5/4 to 5/15 Testing at a Glance

Course Summary:

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