Course Syllabus

Miss Owens’ & Mrs. Louprette’s 8th Grade ELA


Make sure you check all classes, including Mrs. Louprette!

You should be reading 20 minutes everyday. 


Supply List

  • 2 composition notebooks
  • Journal (any kind)
  • Pens or pencils (student’s choice)
  • 2 highlighters
  • 1 pack of loose leaf paper
  • Glue

Wish List

  • Lysol wipes
  • Tissues

This year’s schedule:

8:45- 10:15 Homeroom & 1st Block

10:19- 11:44 Related Arts 

11:48- 12:22 Lunch/ Recess

12:32- 2:05 3rd Block

2:09- 3:45 4th Block


Parents and Guardians,


I believe in strong parent/teacher communication. This year I want to send weekly emails to keep everyone in the know.  Please send an email to: with your name and your child’s name. Always feel free to email me with questions or concerns. 

I also plan to celebrate my students throughout the year, I will work hard to keep you updated on any events happening this year.




I believe in open communication between teacher and student, as well. As long as there is honesty and trust between us, we are guaranteed a productive year ahead. In our classroom, we will: take initiative and cooperate with each other. 

Everyone has choices. I know sometimes temptation leads us to make a choice without thinking, but if you stay truthful and learn from mistakes, we can easily move forward. I start every relationship with trust and respect, you have to prove that you can be trusted to make the right choices in order to keep my trust, but I will always show you respect and I will always make choices that benefit your learning.



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This year, we will master the following skills:

RL.4- Understanding language in a text- unknown words, tone, allusions and analogies

RL.2- Determine the theme of a text and how the characters and setting add to the theme

L.5- Figures of speech

RI.6- Point of view and author’s purpose of writing a non-fiction text

RI.2- Find the main idea of a non-fiction text and the details to support

There will be a lot of writing about reading and talking about reading, as well as at least 20 minutes a day of independent reading.

Course Summary:

Date Details Due