Course Syllabus

Python Programming 1


Syllabus and Course Disclosure Information


INSTRUCTOR:    Mr. Carlton Anthony   

Office:     Room E111

School Phone:                                     




Course Goals:

(1) Learning the principles of computer science using hands on activities.

(2) Enhancement of numeracy and literacy skills using real world applications


Course Credit:  This course qualifies as either an advanced mathematics credit or a Career & Technical Education (CTE) elective credit.


Canvas Course Access:   The majority of course assignments and materials are accessible on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis using the Canvas system


Classwork    55%

Projects       30%

Test   15%


Classroom Procedures and Instructional Information:


Personal Responsibility: Attend Classes – be on time.

Respect: Respect yourself and others

Integrity: Be honest and do your own best work

Discipline: Control your behavior and actions – complete work on time.

Engagement: Be fully involved in your education and encourage others.

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