Course Syllabus

Dear parents and students:

                The Parkwood High School physical education department will conduct classes under the following policies and regulations.  Your cooperation will ensure a better learning experience for your child during the semester.

  1. Teacher: Coach Boyce      

Gym Expectations

  1. BE PROMPT- Students should be in the gym/classroom/meeting area when the tardy bell rings.
  2. BE PREPARED- All needed materials are to be brought to class.
  3. BE POLITE- Students are not to interrupt the teacher or other students when they are speaking to the class. Students must raise their hand and be recognized to speak to the class.
  4. BE QUITE- Students are to use low volume during group activities.
  5. NO GUM, FOOD, OR DRINK allowed in class, gym, locker room, or weight room.
  6. NO CELL PHONES out during class.

Gym/PE rules

  1. Participation in PE requires that a student dress out every day in proper attire. Acceptable attire includes athletic shorts, sweatpants or warm-ups, t-shirt, sock, and athletic shoes.
    1. No soffe shorts, or sagging shorts.
    2. Do not roll the waist band of your shorts
    3. No Sperry’s, Toms, Sandals, Boots, or Flip Flops
    4. T-shirts must not be cut offs
  2. Students can only be excused from participating in PE if a Doctor’s note is provided. Parent notes will NOT be accepted.   
  3. A note from the school Athletic Trainer or School Nurse will also suffice.
  4. If a student refuses to dress out or participate they will be sent to ISS.
  5. Students will be assigned a space for attendance to be checked before class starts. Students must be in their assigned spot before the tardy bell rings.  After attendance is checked, then students will be released to the locker room to get dressed out for class.
  6. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a lock and lock their valuables in their PE locker.

The PWHS PE department is not responsible for personal items left unsecured in the PE locker room.

  1. Students will be given approximately 10 minutes to dress at the beginning of class and the same amount of time will be given at the end. Students not dressing to participate in class will not be allowed in the locker room area.  Students are allowed to shower but must do it quickly in the time provided. 
  2. Students must behave themselves at all times. Discipline will be given should the behavior of a student interfere with the learning process of others or causes an unsafe situation for fellow students.
  3. Students must obtain permission from their teacher before they can leave the class for the restroom or water. No one will be allowed in the locker room during class time.

Grading policy

  1. Students are given a daily grade of 100 points.
  2. Points will be deducted for failure to participate, failure to dress out, or failure to follow directions.
  3. Health assignment points will be determined by the teacher.

Final exam

  1. The final exam will be worth 25% of the student’s overall grade. The exam will be both a physical exam and a written exam. 
    1. Students can exempt the final exam if they meet the UCPS requirements for exemption.

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If the student has any pre-existing medical conditions the PE teacher should be aware please list them below:


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