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Jon Sale – Director of Bands

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The purpose of the Parkwood High School Band Program is to serve as a creative and academic outlet for all students desiring to perform in instrumental music ensembles. We serve as one of the primary musical ambassadors of Parkwood High School and of the Parkwood community as a whole. Simultaneously, the Parkwood High School Band will strive to serve the Parkwood High School student body, faculty, and larger school community through our performances and actions. The mission of the band program will be to inspire all members to achieve excellence in all academic, personal, and musical matters and to help create educated, lifelong consumers and performers of music.

Parkwood High School Concert Bands

The Parkwood High School concert bands serve as the center of the band program. All other musical ensembles that make up the band program grow naturally out of the concert band program and exist to encourage students to participate in the concert band activity. There is currently one primary concert band classes at Parkwood High School: the Symphonic Band.

Fall Semester band class is used to help students joining the band from middle school grow into the standards of the PWHS Band program. A heavy influence is placed on fundamental technique during the semester. Students are regularly tested on their ability to perform scales and music played in class. During this semester, students also prepare to audition for the all-district band. The band will perform appropriate literature twice during this semester to demonstrate the growth of skills and help students experience the urgency of preparing for a busy performance schedule.

Second semester band is based around the performance of the concert band at SCDBA Concert Band MPA. While perfecting fundamental technique is still an important of class this semester, heavy emphasis is placed on literature preparation for MPA. The semester concludes with a celebratory end of year concert where we celebrate our senior band members and the accomplishments of the band through the school year.

Required Performances & Required After School Rehearsals




Call Time*

October 29

Band-o-ween Event & Concert

PWHS Auditorium

6:00 PM

December 17

Band Fall Semester Concert

PWHS Band Room

6:00 PM

February 18

MPA Rehearsal

PWHS Band Room

3:30 PM

February 27

MPA Rehearsal

PWHS Band Room

3:30 PM

March 10

MPA Preview

Cuthbertson HS


March 23-27

Concert Band MPA

Mooresville HS


May 28

Spring Band Concert

PWHS Auditorium

6:00 PM

June 10

PWHS Graduation

Winthrop Univ.

1:00 PM

* - Call times may be adjusted the week of the performance to make allowances for events. However, when in doubt, please refer to the schedule above. Unless otherwise noted, students will not be allowed to stay on campus between the end of school and performance call time.


Concert Band Class Grading Policy

Each 6-week’s, student grades will be calculated through totaling points acquired from the following categories:

Daily Rehearsal Grade (5 Points Daily)

The rehearsal grade is based upon proper daily preparation & participation in class.  Each day, a student will gain 5 points toward his/her final grade if he/she participate correctly. These points will be totaled into a 25 point grade. Deductions will be made according to the list below:

  • Missing Instrument: deduct 5 Points
    • This includes missing reeds, sticks, or other equipment that keeps a student from being able to play his/her instrument properly
  • Improper use of Gum, Candy, Food, Drink, etc. in class: deduct 3 Points
    • Only water is allowed during band class
  • Improper participation in class: deduct 2 Points per infraction
    • Talking out of turn, playing out of turn, leaving class without permission, instrument/supplies left out
    • If there are three or more infractions during a class period, the student will incur additional consequences according to the behavior policy indicated later in the syllabus

While it is understandable that students may occasionally need to not participate in rehearsal due to sickness or instrument repairs, repeatedly choosing not to participate in rehearsal for these reasons is not acceptable. As such, students who do not participate in rehearsal due to sickness or instrument repair for more than two consecutive days must provide a letter from a parent explaining the situation and must be accompanied by a doctor’s note or copy of repair receipt/tag. In the event that an instrument does require repair, please let Mr. Sale know as a loaner instrument may be available at the school (he may also be able to complete the repair for free).

Classwork/Homework (10 Points per Assignment)

Classwork/Homework may be assigned to help supplement student learning of musical concepts or to help transfer concepts taught in other school subjects to the musical realm. Additionally, classwork/homework may help students work toward school wide academic goals. These assignments will be worth 10 points when assigned. Late work in this area will only be accepted if the student is absent from school.

Assessments (50 Points per Assignment)

During the course of the term both written and performance assessments may be administered. All assessments will be worth 50 points toward the final grade.

Written Assessments may cover all aspects of the music curriculum.  Aural Skills, Music History, Music Theory, Music Vocabulary, and Writing about Music are some elements of basic music knowledge that may be assessed.  Students will receive adequate preparation and resource materials prior to these assessments.  All assessments will fall in line with guidelines established in the PWHS Band Curriculum Guide, which is accessible on the PWHS Band Website.

Performance assessments will cover specific scales, techniques, and/or selections of music on the student’s primary instrument.  Performance assessments will be given primarily in a “live test” format, although some tests may allow/require students to make recordings of their playing. Unless specifically told, all performance assessments will take place in the class setting.  Percussion students are expected to show proficiency on and will be regularly assessed on all percussion instruments.  Any live performance assessments may be recorded to ensure accuracy of the assessment and provide for proper documentation of student performance. Students or parents may ask to listen to their/their child’s assessment when recordings are made.  Playing assessments will be graded according to published rubrics.  Samples of these rubrics are published in the PWHS Band Curriculum Guide, which is accessible on the PWHS Band Website.

Required Performances/After School Rehearsals (100 points & 50 Points respectively)

All members of performing ensembles at Parkwood High School are required to attend all scheduled performances and after school rehearsals for their ensemble.  Since music is a “performing art”, these events are deemed mandatory. Performances will count as 100 points toward a student’s grade, and after school rehearsals will count as 50 points.

A student may be excused from a missed performance or rehearsal without penalty, provided that the absence would have resulted in an excused absence from that school day. According to the UCPS absence policy, the following reasons can result in an excused absence [statements in brackets are specific to the PWHS Band policy]: (1) Illness or Injury; (2) Death in the Immediate Family; (3) Medical or Dental Appointments [that cannot be avoided]; (4) Court, Administrative Proceedings, or Jury Duty; (5) Religious Observances; (6) Educational Opportunity [prior band director approval required]; (7) Quarantine; or (8) Military Deployment. Any planned reasons for absences from a performance or rehearsal must be communicated with Mr. Sale directly via email.  Absences that occur for the following reasons WILL NOT BE APPROVED:

  • Student job conflicts
  • Lack of transportation (we will assist if possible)
  • Work on other class projects
  • Other school-sponsored events (unless cleared with director)

Required performances that have already been scheduled are listed at the beginning of this handbook and on the Parkwood High Band website. Please keep these dates in mind when planning your personal calendar.  

Should an absence from a performance be unavoidable, the absent student will be required to complete an additional playing assessment on all music that the performance contains.  The grade from this assessment will take the place of the performance grade.


Concert Band Behavior Expectations and Classroom Procedures

Behavior Guidelines

  • Be silent in your chair with instrument, pencil, and music when the director or other instructor/sub/student leader steps to the podium. This is generally 2 minutes after the tardy bell
  • Bottled Water is the only food/drink permitted during rehearsals and performances.
  • Respect director, staff, students, subs, chaperones, and equipment at all times.
  • Raise your hand to speak or ask to leave your seat.

If a student is severely disruptive, he/she may be referred to the office immediately.  In certain situations, other school professionals may be contacted with regard to student behaviors. Specifically, any instances of bullying, injury to self or others, or destruction of school property will be referred directly to administration.


  • Verbal warning from director & point deductions from rehearsal grade
  • Parent Contact
  • Office Referral (maximum of 3 per year), parent conference
  • Office Referral, parent conference, possible dismissal from band

Tardies (see PWHS student handbook for school policy)

A student is considered TARDY in band if they are not in the band room prior to the tardy bell OR are not in their designated area or seat with proper equipment 2 minutes after the school tardy bell. 


 Each student in the band has a responsibility to every other member of the band.  In a performing ensemble each member must bring his or her best performance at all times.  Every member is valuable in his/her own way. 

When off-campus events take us out of school for any part of the instructional day, it is the individual students’ responsibility to communicate with their teachers regarding necessary assignments.  Band sponsored events off campus are considered Field Trips. This means that students are counted PRESENT, which allows these absences to not count against total student absences.  However, students are required to complete all missed work according to the school policy. 

In addition, students who are not maintaining adequate progress in their other classes may not be permitted to attend off campus events that take place during the instructional day.  This will be a decision your parents, teachers, and director will have to make.  However, it is the policy of the PWHS band to require all students to be passing all classes to participate in outside of school activities. Passing a class will be defined as having a course average of 50 or above and not owing recovery time in a class due to absences/tardies. Failure to meet this standard will have a significant impact on the performance of our band.  Remember, in band your actions not only affect you, but those in the ensemble as well. If a student is in danger of failing classes and missing performances because of this, please contact Mr. Sale. He will work tirelessly to ensure that students receive any remediation or tutoring that may help a student be successful.

Instrument Storage

 Band instruments are to be kept in the storage room during the day.  Every student is responsible for labeling the outside of their case clearly with their name. It is recommended that a record of the student’s instrument Make and Serial Number be recorded in a safe place at home in the event the instrument is misplaced or mixed up with another one of similar appearance.

Instruments must be properly stored in the designated area while on campus.  Point deductions from a student’s class grade will be made if instruments and personal supplies are not stored properly.  Students must also keep their instrument in its case (and latched closed) when not being used.  A student’s storage area must also be kept free of trash and extra “stuff”. 

Restroom/Leaving Classroom

Students should plan to use the restroom before class begins.  There are restrooms located in the band room.  Only one student at a time should be waiting to use the restroom.  In other words, do not line up by the restroom doors.  As long as class is not disrupted, students may use the restroom at their own discretion.  Please do your best to limit the amount of time spent in the restroom during class. Consistently using the restroom for significant amounts of time each day during class will result in a conversation with parents regarding student health concerns. Students should help maintain an orderly appearance in the by throwing trash in the appropriate containers and notifying the director of any problems with the restrooms.

Students must ask permission to leave the classroom. Leaving class without asking the band director will result in an office referral for “skipping class”. Please inform Mr. Sale of any planned time that you need to leave the classroom prior to the beginning of class.


Each student is required to have:

  • A sharpened pencil – (Mechanical is Strongly Encouraged)
  • Folder to hold music and other classroom handouts.  
    • A 3 ring binder with page protectors can be useful but is not required.
  • Tuner and Metronome for use at home
    • The Tonal Energy Tuner app is an excellent resource to meet this requirement.

Additionally, students must have materials specific to their instrument. These materials are as follows:

  • Flute: Cleaning Rod and Polishing Cloth
  • Oboe/Bassoon: Minimum of 3 working reeds, cleaning swab
  • Clarinet/Low Clarinet/Saxophone: Minimum of 3 working reeds at all times (the Vandoren Brand is recommended), cleaning swab.
  • Trumpet, F Horn, Baritone, Tuba: Valve Oil (Ultra-Pure Valve oil recommended)
  • Trombone: Slide Cream (Slide-o-Mix or Super Slick Slide Cream recommended)
  • Percussion: General Percussion Mallet Kit containing Snare Drum Sticks, Marimba Mallets, and Timpani Mallets

Other Materials (i.e. band method books, tuners) will be provided for students to use in class.

School Owned Instruments are provided to students according to the availability of the instrument.  There is no charge to the student for using these instruments.  However, students are expected to properly maintain these instruments through routine cleaning and maintenance.  Reeds are NOT provided for woodwind players. Any damage to the instrument done intentionally or through mishandling will be repaired at the expense of the student.

Concert Band Performance Attire

To ensure a uniform appearance in our concert band ensembles, the following performance attire will be required of all band members. Students not wearing the appropriate attire will be asked to change or will not be allowed to perform.

Gentlemen: Black Button Up Long Sleeve Shirt, Black Dress Pants, Black Dress Shoes, Black Belt, Black Socks, school color (Black, Royal Blue, Grey/Silver) tie/bow tie. Black Suit Jackets are allowed but are not required.

Ladies: Appropriate Black Top that Covers Shoulders, Black Dress Pants (No Leggings) or Skirt (Knee Length or below). Black Dress Shoes. A Black Dress would also be appropriate if it falls a knee length or below.

Additional Performance Opportunities

The South Central District Bandmasters Association sponsors the All District Band in January of each year. Students will be selected to participate in this ensemble through an audition process. Auditions will take place this year on January 11th at Porter Ridge High School. The All District Band clinic, for students selected for the ensemble, will take place on February 24-25 at Stuart Cramer High School. Students who score in the top of their section after all district band auditions earn the opportunity to audition for the NC All State Honors Band. The auditions for this band will take place on March 7th at Central Davidson High School, and the clinic will take place May 1-3 at UNC Chapel Hill.

The Union County Bandmasters Association sponsors the Union County All County Band in February of each year. Students are nominated by their director for this group based on performance in the first semester of the school year. At PWHS, students who audition for All District Band are given priority in All County Band nominations. Then, playing assessment scores from the first semester are taken into consideration. Students who register for band both semesters are considered first, and instrumentation of the all-county band is also considered in student Selection. This year’s All County Band Clinic will be held at Porter Ridge High School on February 14 & 15. Students will be notified of their nomination selection at the beginning of the second semester.

The South Central District Bandmasters Association sponsors Solo and Ensemble MPA in May each year. Students are allowed to play in small ensembles or as soloists for a judge and then receive a rating on their performance. There is no required literature for this event, and there are no required instrumentation’s for student groups. We will be preparing small ensemble and/or solo literature in class this semester. Students may choose to register for Solo and Ensemble MPA if they would like. The MPA date this year is May 9th. More information about this process will be distributed later in the semester.

Course Summary:

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