Course Syllabus

Mrs. Plumley

6th Grade ELA


We will learn reading, writing, and grade level vocabulary this year.

6th Grade English Language Arts Syllabus



Instructor Information



Melissa Plumley

General Information

Description - Welcome to Sun Valley Middle School! This year students will be mastering language arts concepts in reading literature and informational text, writing, speaking and listening, and language. Students will use independent skills and collaboration to bring a real-life connection to their studies. 


Classroom Expectations - In our classroom we will respect each other, support each other, and most importantly, learn from each other. Students are expected to come to class prepared to learn and complete assignments on time.


Please check the student agenda nightly for homework. Assignments usually include 10-15 minutes of vocabulary practice and 30 minutes of independent reading. Students are expected to read nightly. Tuesday is our weekly vocabulary quiz day.


Learning Requirements:


  • Reading literature and informational text: plot, character, genre, inferences, main idea, theme, text structure, argument, point-of-view, and author’s purpose 
  • Vocabulary study: word parts (prefixes/suffixes), words commonly encountered in grade level reading selections, and using context clues 
  • Writing: narratives, informative/explanatory texts, arguments, and research
  • Speaking and Listening: group presentation and discussion skills


Required Materials:

1 composition book with sewn in pages  (cow notebook)

Pencils ( #2 and colored)

Student agenda

Chromebook and earbuds

Glue Stick

independent reading book




Student work completion and responsibility is priority at the middle school level. This is encouraged and reinforced by a late work policy that challenges students to be self-directed and responsible as they improve their academic growth. All assignments are expected to be turned in by the Due Date.


Day 1- Late Work Penalty: may earn no more than 90%

Day 2- Late Work Penalty: may earn no more than 80%

Day 3 (DEADLINE)- Late Work Penalty: may earn no more than 70%

The DEADLINE is 3 days beyond the Due Date and no work will be accepted beyond that point.


NOTE: Special consideration may be given to students who request it in writing to their teacher. This will be a teacher decision under those circumstances. The students must request this for any special consideration.


Course Summary:

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