Course Syllabus

Cuthbertson High School

Mr. Ganshert’s Class

English II H Syllabus and Policies: Spring 2020

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Course Description:  In this course, students will carefully read and critically analyze works of world literature to provide a foundation for their education. Through these readings, students will learn how an author creates meaning and enjoyment for the reader. As they read, students should consider a work’s structure, style, and themes as well as the elements of literature, such as tone, diction, symbolism, and imagery, used by the author.  Students will engage in class discussions and written responses throughout the semester.

Instructional Philosophy: All students have the ability to be successful.  Students who work hard, complete their work, ask for help when they need it, and attend tutoring as needed pass my class. I focus on growth, because I believe it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. I am paid to teach you and answer your questions (about English), so please ask when you are confused!

Student Responsibilities:

Be prepared!

This means you need to arrive on time with your work completed.

Be engaged!

Participation in class discussions and activities will be vital to your success. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts!

Be responsible!

Meet deadlines for assignments. Ask for help when you need it. Come to tutoring.

Be respectful!

Even if you disagree with your classmates (or your teacher), be respectful of your classmates and teacher. Inappropriate behavior and comments will not be tolerated.


Attendance is an integral part of class.  English II will include teacher guided instruction, discussions, and group work; therefore, attendance is absolutely vital.  If you are absent, it will be your responsibility to find the work on Canvas and complete it.

Materials Needed for Class:

  1. Paper
  2. A folder for returned work.  It is YOUR responsibility to keep your returned work. 
  3. Pencils and a black or blue pen.  I do NOT accept work completed in shades of red!
  4. Readings/Assigned materials (novels, textbook, etc)
  5. Highlighters if desired
  6. Index Cards
  7. Your UCPS Chromebook

Computer privileges:

If students are not turning in work, they will no longer be allowed to use a computer in class until they have completed the work on paper.


Students will log into Canvas each day when they enter class. The work for each day will be listed under the “Pages” header. All assignments except pop quizzes will be listed on Canvas.

Google Docs:

Most of my assignments are given using Google Forms.  Students should receive a copy of their work in their UCPS email as soon as they complete the assignment. I would suggest that every student copy and paste their answers into a Docs file before hitting submit. If you email a copy of the answers to yourself, it will have a timestamp. Google is very stable, but this gives you insurance on the off chance you hit submit and it doesn’t go through.

Responses on  Assigned Work:

Unless I specify otherwise in the written instructions, I expect that you will always use complete sentences and proper punctuation. You will follow the RACES strategy on all work.

(R)estate the question
(A)nswer the question
(C)ite your sources
(E)xplain your citation
(S)ummarize your answer

Reading Checks:

Expect to read in my class. Usually you will be reading and annotating around 20 pages per night. If there is reading, expect a reading check the next morning. It is multiple choice, and it will be straightforward.  You may bring a 3x5 inch note card with any information you think you will need. I do expect you to take your notes from the reading. I will reject it if you just copied from an online site.

Extended Projects and the Research Paper:

Projects and essays must be typed using Times New Roman 12pt font, double spaced with 1 inch margins. Per the MLA guidelines at Owl at Purdue.  Students who fail to use the MLA format will receive a maximum of a 50.

Late Work Due to Absences:

Students have two days to turn in work that was assigned on the day or days they were out without a penalty if they miss due to illness or a death in the family.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work was missed and take any quizzes or tests that were missed. The majority of work will be on Canvas, but ask to make sure we didn’t take a quiz.

Late Work Due Policy:

Drills will not be accepted if they are late. We will usually go over these immediately or the next morning, and often we will go over them immediately after the drill. This gives me the opportunity to give you quick feedback, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.

Homework and other assignments will be accepted late, but you will lose 10 points for every day it is late. If it is not completed at the beginning of class on the day it is due, it is late. Once I go over an assignment or post answers, I will no longer accept the assignment.


Plagiarism is defined as any work that is not the original work of the student who is claiming credit for the assignment.  Cheating includes, but is not limited to, copying someone else’s work, getting outside help when not authorized, or using your electronic devices to find answers (among other examples). Plagiarized work and work that a student cheats on will receive a 0, and the student will get a referral. 


I will be available on Thursdays after school for tutoring. It has been my experience that the students who attend tutoring tend to do well in my class. It is your opportunity to go over assignments in detail. Take advantage of this opportunity.


Will be on a point system.

Subordinating Conjunctions:

As part of my grammar assignments, students will have a weekly quiz on subordinating conjunctions.  They just have to memorize the following words to achieve an A on every subordinating conjunction quiz.

Students will be responsible for memorizing the subordinating conjunctions.  They will have a weekly quiz on these words.

Subordinating Conjunctions:

After               because                        since                when

Although         before                          so that             whenever

As                    even though                than                 where

As if                if                                  though             wherever

As long as       in order that                unless              whether

As soon as       once                             until                 while

Course Summary:

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