Course Syllabus


Many of you may be wondering why should I or my child study the history of the world. After all it is about the past and most people are focused on the present or the future. Well, world history is a survey course. It identifies fascinating people who have made significant contributions to societies and it allows students to visit exciting places. World History is an adventure through time and most of us enjoy a great adventure. By taking this course students will examine scientific evidence to prove where the first humans originated. You will discover the impact that religion has on many societies. Also, you will witness the power of one person’s ability to influence the masses. In world history class students can fight wars, take sides, make peace, and at the end of the semester see where they and the United States fit in the world.


Essential Standards in World History

  1. Thinking like a historian over time. 
  2. Analyze ancient civilizations and empires in terms of their development, growth, and lasting impact.
  3. Understand how conflict and innovation influenced political, religious, economic and social changes in medieval civilizations.
  4. Analyze the political, economic, social and cultural factors that lead to the development of the first age of global interaction.
  5. Analyze exploration and expansion in terms of its motivations and impact.
  6. Understand the Age of Revolutions and Rebellions.
  7. Understand how national, regional, and ethnic interests have contributed to conflict among groups and nations in the modern era.
  8. Analyze global interdependence and shifts in power in terms of political, economic, social and environmental changes and conflicts since the last half of the twentieth century.

Course Summary:

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