Course Syllabus

Honors American History II Information Sheet

AH II Units 

Unit 1:  Ch. 5

            Changes on the Western Frontier

Unit 2:  Ch. 6-7

            A New Industrial Age

            Immigrants & Industrialization

Unit 3:  Ch. 8-9

            Life at the Turn of the 20th C

The Progressive Era

Unit 4:  Ch. 10-11

            America Claims an Empire


Unit 5:  Ch. 12-13

            Politics of the 20s

            The Roaring 20s

Unit 6:  Ch. 14-15

            The Great Depression

            The New Deal

Unit 7:  Ch. 16-17

            WW Looms

            US in WWII

Unit 8:  Ch. 18-19

            Cold War

            Postwar Boom

Unit 9:  Ch. 20-21

            New Frontier & the Great Society

            Civil Rights

Unit 10:  Ch. 22-23


            Era of Social Change

Unit 11:  Ch. 24-26

            Age of Limits

            The Conservative Tide

            The US in Today’s World


Course Summary:

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