Course Syllabus

Honors Biology Syllabus

Instructor: Amanda Mims                                                    

Room:  404


Phone: 704-764-2900 (Ext. 3334)                                                  




Biology is an introduction to the study of living things and their interdependence with the environment.  Students will explore biological science as a process, cell structure and function, genetics and heredity, evolution and classification, diversity of living organisms and their ecological roles, and an introduction to animal structure and function.

Biology is a state tested subject that requires an End of Course Test upon completion.  This course is also a graduation requirement. Students must pass the class and 25% of their course grade is determined by their score on the EOC.  All high school students will be tested on the NC Essential standards for Biology.


The following materials are required for Biology.  These should be purchased during the first few days of school.  If this is not possible, please let me know.

  • 3-ring binder
  • A minimum of 8 tabbed dividers
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Colored pencils for lab drawings and projects
  • Ear buds or head phones

   Optional Items:

  • Paper Towels
  • Tissues



Bio.1.1:  Understand the relationship between the structures and functions of cells and                      their organelles.

Bio.1.2:  Analyze the cell as a living system.

Bio.2.1:  Analyze the interdependence of living organisms within their environments.

Bio.2.2:  Understand the impact of human activities on the environment (one                                              generation affects the next).

Bio.3.1:  Explain how traits are determined by the structure and function of DNA.

Bio.3.2:  Understand how the environment and/or the interaction of alleles, influences                        the expression of genetic traits.

Bio.3.3:  Understand the application of DNA technology.

Bio.3.4:  Explain the theory of evolution by natural selection as a mechanism for how                            species change over time.

Bio.3.5:  Analyze how classification systems are developed based upon speciation.

Bio.4.1:  Understand how biological molecules are essential to the survival of living                                organisms.

Bio.4.2:  Analyze the relationships between biochemical processes and energy use in                            the cell.



The grading system for Union County Schools:

               A        90 – 100                        B        80 – 89                       C        70 – 79

               D        60 – 69                           F          0 – 59

                                                                                  * Grade of 59 or below is considered failing.



  • 40% Tests - mix of paper based and online, can include multiple choice, short                                             answer, matching, calculations, graphs, charts, or diagrams 
  • 30% Quizzes – can be announced or unannounced
  • 20% Notebooks/Activities/Labs/Projects
    • Notebooks will be organized using sections for units and will be kept in a 3-ring binder.
    • Organization is part of the notebook grade.
    • Activities and Labs are graded on student understanding and participation.
    • Projects will be assigned periodically and must be completed and submitted on time.
  • 10% Classwork/Homework
    • You will not turn in classwork/homework every day, but they can be collected at any time and taken for a grade. Old classwork/homework needs to be placed in the notebook, as it will make up a portion of the notebook grade.

Students will receive a progress report during the middle of each six-week period and a report card after each six weeks.  The final grade for this course will be an average of three report card grades and the grade from the NCFE (North Carolina Final Exam).



  • Students who need extra help or need to makeup missing work can sign up for tutoring.
  • Tutoring will be available as needed after school and must be cleared with the teacher two days before the session.
  • Tutoring will not be available on Wednesdays after school.



Parents will be informed of student achievement through graded work, interim and 6-week report cards, as well as, phone calls, periodically. I highly recommend students and their parents/guardians regularly check in to student progress/grades through the PowerSchool Parent Portal system found on the district website. 



All assignments that are missed due to illness or other reasons must be made-up within one week of the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all missed assignments and make-up work upon their return to school. Any work that is not completed one week after the absence will be recorded as a zero.  Tests and quizzes will have to be scheduled in advance.  Missing a day before a quiz or test is not an excuse for not completing the test on the specified day



Students should complete their own work and be evaluated based upon its originality. They should avoid academic dishonesty and misconduct in all its forms, including plagiarism, fabrication or falsification, cheating, and other academic misconduct.

* Cheating on any assignment will result in permanent zero and will not be eligible for        makeup and may result in an office referral.  Homework, classwork, and labs should          not be copied.



Classroom Rules & Teacher Expectations

  1. Be respectful of yourself, your teacher, and your peers.
    1. Utilize class time responsibly.
    2. Respect the opinions of your classmates.
    3. Keep an open mind.
  2. Be awake both mentally and physically.
    1. Stay focused (no electronic devices in class).
    2. Participate in class activities (no sleeping or putting head down)
    3. Take notes and study.
  3. Follow all teacher instructions and guidelines set forth by Union County Public Schools.
    1. Listen to your teacher.
    2. Listen to you classmates.
    3. Wait until your turn to speak.


    Daily Procedures

  • Be on time and prepared for class. 
  • Start on the warm-up as soon as the bell rings.  If you finish the warm-up early, remain in your seat and study your notes.
  • When participating in classroom discussion please be respectful of each other’s questions, opinions, and ideas.
  • Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion.  If your question is not about the current topic, please write it down and ask later.
  • Class is dismissed when the bell rings.  Please do not start packing up prior to the bell. 


 Consequences of Non-compliance

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Teacher – Student Conference after Class
  3. Parent notification (email or phone call)
  4. Office Referral
  • Immediate parent phone call or office referral may be needed for extreme disrespect, cheating, fighting, profanity, disruptions, or any other major infractions.

Course Summary:

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